Whether you want more space in your own bedroom or are tired of stepping over all your kids’ toys in their room without somewhere to put them, the good news is that there are several space-saving ideas for bedroom décor and furnishings that can help you achieve the additional room that you need. Whether you’re struggling to sleep at night because you feel your bedroom is cluttered, or you just want to be able to tidy up in your home easier on a daily basis, the bedroom is an ideal place to start.

Many of us will store many different items in our bedrooms because they are out of the way, but this can often lead to a cluttered and sometimes even untidy space that doesn’t really do much to help us relax at night. Whether you want to add more space to your own bedroom, your child’s bedroom or even the spare bedroom in your home, here are some ideas to consider.

Ottoman Beds

An ottoman bed is an ideal way to create a lot of storage space in an otherwise small room. They are a great choice for bedrooms that might not have a lot of extra room for wardrobes, cabinets and drawers since all that floor space that would otherwise be taken up by the bed can now be used to store anything that you like. And when you need to get underneath the bed to reach your items, you can simply lift up the mattress for access, making them an easy and hassle-free choice.

When choosing a bed frame for your home, consider the storage options in your room and if you could do with some extra place to put clothes that you won’t be wearing until the next winter, kids’ toys, shoes, or other items that you’re struggling to store around the house but can’t throw out, consider ottoman beds. Check out Bedkingdom to see the range of stunning ottoman beds that they have to offer. They have bed frames in a range of sizes suitable for adult or child bedrooms and a selection of different colours to match up with your home décor.

Trundle Beds

If your kids are often having sleepovers with their friends or cousins, a trundle bed can be a great space-saving alternative. It can simply be rolled away under their bed when it is not in use, and rolled back out when they have a guest over. It can also be an ideal solution for when you have family members coming to stay or other overnight guests in the home since most trundle beds are strong enough for an adult to sleep on too.

Unlike airbeds which can take some effort to blow up and are not often the most comfortable options to sleep on, trundle beds are very comfortable and once assembled, they don’t need to be put up every time you have a guest over, making them an ideal alternative.

Storage Space in Your Bedroom with vacuum bagsVacuum Pack Bags

If clothes are the main items that you are struggling to find the room for in your bedroom, vacuum pack bags could be the ideal solution for you. You can even get vacuum pack bags that come with a scent to keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean when they are in storage. You can use them throughout the winter to store your summer clothing and throughout the summer for your knitted jumpers and coats that you won’t need for another few months.

They are very easy to use and often cheap to buy; all you need to do is fill the bag up as much as possible with the clothing that you want to store and seal it. Once sealed, use your vacuum cleaner to suck all of the air out of the bag before putting the cap back on tightly. You can also use vacuum pack bags for other textile items in your home like spare bedding that you don’t need access to on a nightly basis, keeping them out of the way and taking up as little space as possible.

Built-in Wardrobes

A wardrobe is often an essential piece of bedroom furniture since you will need somewhere to store all of your clothing. However, they can also be quite big and bulky and will take up a lot of space in a small room. To solve this issue, you might want to consider having a wardrobe built into the alcoves in your room or another suitable space.

Since they are built-in, they will often take up less space in the room compared to a traditional standalone wardrobe while allowing you to maximise the space that it is using. To save even more space in your room, you might want to consider getting a built-in wardrobe with mirrors on the doors so that you can save space on having a standalone mirror in the room.

Storage Headboard

If you don’t have much space for bedside tables on either side of your bed, you can save space and make your bedroom look bigger by using a headboard that has built-in storage. Some headboards come with floating shelves at either side of the bed that you can use as a bedside cabinet while others will come with compartments in the headboard where you can store books, your phone, glasses, and even your drink of water for the morning. Why waste all the space that your headboard can take up, when you can turn it into a decent storage solution for all those smaller items instead?

High Shelves

If you have high ceilings, installing shelves around the perimeter of your bedroom walls can be a great way to create some extra space and bring the ceilings down a little bit to make your bedroom feel cosier and more inviting. The top of the walls is often the least-used space in your home, but don’t let it go to waste as it can often be a great place for storing items like books and decorative items like photos and trailing plants. This will not only reduce the clutter on your bedroom floor or bedside tables, but add some more decorative features to your room too.

Open Wardrobes

If a wardrobe is going to take up a lot of space in your room, you might want to consider an open wardrobe instead. Not only does this give you easy access to your clothes and the option to see what you’ve got available to wear at any time without having to open the wardrobe doors, it can also be a decent space-saving solution. You can hang a clothes rack in the corner of your room where you can easily store any clothing that needs to be hung up without the bulk of a full-size wardrobe. Make use of the space underneath your hanged clothes with shoe boxes and other storage boxes for accessories and more.

Over-Door Storage

Finally, over-door storage can be a great way to tidy items away and you can get it for almost anything from shoes to accessories. Whether you need somewhere to neatly keep your toiletries or want a shoe storage solution for your home, don’t forget about the extra storage that’s right there on your door.

No matter the size of your bedroom, extra storage is always great to have.