Box Rooms: 9 Inventive Ideas To Make Excellent Use Of Smaller Spaces

It can be tricky to know how to make the best use of smaller rooms. It is often tempting to make this room into a space where all unused household goods get left and not take full advantage of the space. While using a small room as storage for things that don’t have an everyday use can be helpful, there are actually plenty of functions for a box room with a bit of imagination and creativity. 

Here are some of the most inventive ways to put your box room to use. 

Home Office

No matter the size of the room, you will be able to find space for a desk and office chair. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, more of us work from home than ever before, so using your smallest room as an office can help separate work and leisure. 

You could consider adding some shelving for storage to make use of the vertical space. Hanging some art or prints on the walls and bringing in a potted plant or two can transform the area into a perfect little home office. 

Craft Area

Turning your box room into a craft area could be the ideal way to keep all of your crafting items in one space and help you get organised. For example, you could consider an apothecary style cupboard to store all of your crafting supplies and put in a comfortable chair and table for your work station. 

The box room may not be suitable for all crafts, and it is essential if working with paints or materials that create fumes that you have plenty of ventilation. Similarly, you will need plenty of light for most crafts, so it may help to invest in some bright, directable lamps. 

reading nookReading Nook

If you’re a bit of a bookworm, then your box room could be the perfect space to set up a reading nook. You could consider building in some shelves in the room to create your own miniature library and add a loveseat, chaise lounge or cosy armchair to curl up and read in. 

Again, plenty of light will be crucial to make the most of a box room reading nook, so it may help if you choose a room with a window or invest in lamps or a reading light. 

Play Room

Making your box room into a play area for the kids could be a perfect way to reduce clutter around the home. You should consider putting in storage boxes filled with their favourite toys and games and decorating in fun, bright colours. Murals are a great way to let kids put their stamp on a space, and you can let the kids get involved with the decorating process. 

Dressing Room

If you have an extensive wardrobe, why not consider making your box room into your very own dressing room? You could invest in some built in wardrobes to line the walls and create more space in your bedroom. Using bespoke built in wardrobes will ensure that you make the best use of the space available. Check out these fitted wardrobes from for some inspiration. 

You could then add a full-length mirror, vanity dresser and chair to help you get ready for events. Hanging some art and adding a plush rug will help create a dressing room with a feeling of luxury. 

dressing roomStorage Space

If you want to use your box room as storage space, then you should ensure that you do it in a way that maximises the room’s potential. For example, consider installing built in storage units to get the most out of an awkwardly shaped room and use shelving to make the most of the vertical space. 

Utility Room

A box room can be ideal for doing various household chores. For instance, you could consider making it the space where you iron, fold and air laundry and store coats and shoes. This will help keep bulky items from taking up space around the rest of your home and give you a dedicated space to store cleaning supplies. 

You could even consider putting your washing machine into your box room to create more space in your kitchen. This may not be practical or possible for all box rooms, but it can be an excellent way to put all of your utility items in one accessible space. 

Yoga Studio

While this may not be achievable for the smallest box rooms, you don’t need too much space to create the perfect at-home yoga studio. You could consider decorating in calming pastel shades, adding some plants or fresh flowers and using scented candles or reed diffusers to create the perfect relaxing yoga environment

It could help to ensure the room is free of any clutter and place your mat in the centre of the room while you go through different postures. You could also consider installing a wall-mounted TV to watch your favourite yoga training videos.

Study Space

You could consider turning your box room into a study space for the kids. You will need to put in a desk and chair and storage for their various study materials and books. To make the most of the space, you could use a foldable table and chair. 

You could also use this space to store all the stationery that you and your kids might need. Giving your kids a dedicated study space can be perfect for ensuring that they get the most out of their studies by providing them with a distraction-free space. 


There are many ways you can turn a box room into a genuinely valuable part of your home. It may help to start by making a plan of what you want to achieve in the space. You can then assess the different options in the area available. Making good use of different storage solutions will be crucial no matter what you decide to turn your spare room into to ensure that you get the most out of the area. You should consider using a combination of shelving and built in storage to get the best results.