Over the course of your stay, your home will be beset by a myriad of issues.

Fortunately, most of these problems present themselves relatively clearly from the outset. After that, it’s merely a matter of hiring the correct repair services to quickly rectify the issue so that you can go back to your life.

However, occasionally, some issues may be a little harder to detect and thus more challenging to resolve. Left unattended, these hidden concerns can damage the structural integrity of your property, and even endanger your own personal wellbeing should the problems persist. Therefore, it’s important to get on top of things here right away, and to know which issues you should actively be seeking out.

Here’re the 4 more hidden faults in your home that require immediate fixes.

Drainage Complications

Problems with your plumbing can be hard to detect, with the occasional exception of your toilet coughing back up any waste you flushed down.

In most drainage-related issues, the source of the problem is buried beneath floorboards or concealed behind inches of wall and plastering. Still, viable ways to confirm any of your suspicions here could be:

  • Identifying slow water output from taps and showerheads.
  • Witnessing a family member or roommate flushing something down a toilet that does not belong as a means of quick disposal.
  • Heaters not generating as much warmth as you’re accustomed to.
  • Water bills charging more than you were expecting.

While drainage problems might not seem so ‘hidden’ with so many ques to read, many people shrug off these signs, fail to connect them to drainage problems, or even overlook them entirely. However, they can be a prelude to more difficult times and challenges ahead, so learn to acknowledge these symptoms and call the experts to set everything right. Avoid being dismissive, as the sooner you act, the less likely this problem will snowball into something uglier.

Inadequate Insulation

Of course, one matter that affects the functionality of pipes is poor insulation, causing them to potentially freeze and even burst open in the winter months, causing significant damages.

Insulation has many benefits, from controlling the temperature of your property more acutely to even reducing the amount of noise you are subject to. Moreover, these types of arrangements can also help you and your property become more energy-efficient, so they’re a worthwhile improvement to consider regardless of your personal situation. Not to have adequate insulation is to do yourself a thundering disservice.

Some people make the mistake of believing that they only need insulation for the colder months, and so put off getting it in the spring and summer. However, insulation helps maintain the coolness of properties too, preventing the excess warmth from outside gaining access inside. Therefore, if you’re often finding yourself dealing with unbearable high temperatures indoors over the summer, insulation will mean that you can run an air conditioner without a care in the world.

Unfortunately, many new-build homes are not getting the insulation they should be imbued with, leading to higher heating bills for their unlucky residents. It can also lead to further problems in the home like damp, mould, and rust, so keep your eyes peeled for all the effects of poor insulation. Left unresolved, these matters can make the air stuffy and even be detrimental to your general health, so insulating walls, attics, and doorways is a good thing to do to cover all bases.

4 Hidden Faults In Your Home That Require Immediate Fixes Leaking Ceilings

Across your day-to-day life at home, it’s unlikely you look up and inspect the state of your ceilings at regular intervals.

Of course, you absolutely should when time allows. If the problem is left, then some serious water damage can be incurred to your property. Before long, your home can quite literally fall apart, dishevelled from the top down. Ultimately, leaks mean your home is bleeding.

For insightful information on how to not only detect, but also manage this problem, check this blog article. Ceiling leakages can cause more damage than you can outrightly see, and this resource will take you through all the processes of turning things around here in an efficient and timely manner.

Don’t delay here. The problem can fester, especially when it comes to the frequency of rainfall in the UK. You can work with roofing contractors to kickstart the repairs process, and they will identify the source of the leak and fix it immediately.


You can’t expect vermin to announce their presence proudly the moment they arrive in your home. They’re crafty, and for the most part prefer to manoeuvre through and around your property unnoticed.

They may live in your walls, beneath furniture, or even under floorboards, depending on the species of the creatures you’re housing. Additionally, drawing them to your home may have been a complete accident, spurred on by some careless disposal behaviours or lacklustre food storage practices. In the end, this is a home invasion of sorts, and it cannot be allowed to persist.

Pest control companies can step in here and remedy this problem for you. Depending on how many pests you’re dealing with and how much of your home is infested, service times can vary, but it’s a worthy ordeal to make sure your home is vermin-free. It’s best to let them handle it for the sake of peace of mind, giving you the certainty that these problems will not be recurring.

Additionally, vermin might be a sign that the problem is you, to an extent, and people can hide their own faults better than any other kind. After all, everyone knows rats are drawn to rubbish, and if your bins are frequently spewing over, or you’re leaving leftover foods out for too long, then you cannot blame them for stopping on by.


While there can be some surface level hints as to what you’re dealing with, only by investigating these matters further can you hope to resolve the issues present. Even small indicators can be symptoms of a much larger issue elsewhere in inaccessible areas of the property. Call expert help when you need it and remain vigilant.