With a cost of living crisis in full flow, there is no doubt that we are all looking for ways to save on outgoings and expenditure no matter what the justification for cost is. It could be that you have a property that requires some extra love and attention or that it just needs a bit of a makeover.

Furniture can be a bit on the expensive side anyway when buying retail, so we have put some ideas together as to how you could upgrade on a budget to give your property a bit of a transformation. Take a look at our suggestions for keeping your home looking its best on a budget.

Upcycle Some Existing Pieces

You will most likely already have some furniture that you own and are looking to replace. It could be that it’s not damaged, but just a bit tired and not in-keeping with your new decor ideas. If you have some time on your hands, or you are on the lookout for a new fun project you could think about upcycling these items.

There are lots of places where you can get ideas for these types of projects and it would cost you a fraction of the price. You can varnish items, repaint them and add your own unique style. At the end of the project, you will also feel a sense of accomplishment that you wouldn’t if you had just bought a new item.

open plan kitchen countryside style

Get Some Statement Pieces

There may be no need to replace every item to make a difference, you could simply purchase some statement pieces to give a room a whole new look. It could be that you invest in a velvet sofa for instance, or buy an LD chandelier.

It may only take one statement piece to transform a whole room so it could be well-worth the investment as you wouldn’t need to buy multiple items. There are specific categories on sites such as Etsy, where you will find one of a kind items you won’t get anywhere else.

Buy from an Online Marketplace

The great thing about the evolution of the world of digital is that there are now so many ways to purchase used items. There can be many reasons why someone could be selling old furniture, it could be that they are moving home and it no longer fits in with their new environment, it could be that they are downsizing, or it could be that they are just changing the decor of their home and it no longer fits.

It’s not always that there is something wrong with the item or that it’s damaged. Make sure you check out the likes of Facebook marketplace or eBay to see what’s on offer – it’s a great way to bag a bargain. Sometimes if someone needs to get rid of an item quickly, you will often find hugely reduced prices or no charge at all if you pick it up quickly enough.

There are also local buy and sell groups on Facebook too where you could find people local to you selling items which could be much more convenient for you in terms of collection.

bed with throw

Accessorize to Give them a New Look

Sometimes all your furniture might need is a little something extra to add to the look. For example, you can make a traditional bed frame look much more modern with some crisp new linen, or you can add some throws or blankets over beds or sofas to give them a whole new look to fit in with a new colour palette. You can also get some of these items at a bargain rate if you go to UK wholesalers such as British Wholesales who have a broad range of items to choose from.

One of the big myths about the wholesaler market in the UK is that you need to buy in huge quantities, but some wholesalers allow you to buy a single unit, or in small batches. This means you can still enjoy a reduced price without having to buy a bulk order.

Try Antique Auctions or Market Traders

Again, that statement item could be all you need to make all the difference. You can check out some antique auctions where you can get items with a bit of history often for a reduced rate on a good day. You can also enjoy the thrill of bidding what you can and make it a great day out. There are also some market stalls where you can pick up unusual items that could fit in with the property. You can try to haggle yourself a good deal and test out your negotiation skills.

If you are looking to upgrade your furniture situation but don’t want to hurt your bank balance too much, take some of these options into consideration.