If you’re thinking your home needs a refresh, you have lots of different options. You don’t need to go for comprehensive redecoration though, a simple repaint with the right colour palette can have a profound effect on the way your home feels and looks. Just a lick of paint can totally transform your property.

Matching your colours to your furniture, homewares and more is important. So always consider your existing décor and what you’d like to keep when you’re deciding on colour schemes.

Making your choices

The first thing to think about is how much you’re going to change in your home. Are you just going to change one room, and make that room your whole focus? Or are you going to change the colours throughout your home? This leads on to another question, which is are you going to make each room its own unique space or will you instead choose a cohesive colour scheme throughout the whole house?

This is entirely up to you, and it depends on how happy you are with the colours in your home. Something to consider is making a change from the approach you took the last time you decorated. If you decorated each room individually for example, maybe consider trying that more cohesive look. Similarly, if you painted all the rooms a similar colour last time, maybe it’s time to try something different now.

Whether it’s paint, wallpaper, or a mixture of the two there are so many choices to make. Remember to take the size and shape of your rooms into account. If you prefer darker colours remember that they will make your rooms seem smaller than they are, for example.

refresh your home's colour paletteAltering your homeware?

Your furniture, decorations, and homeware should also all come into consideration when it comes to changing your colour schemes. For example if you’re going for a comprehensive redecoration you should factoring changing certain elements of your homeware to suit the new colours. Or you could opt to keep your homeware and furniture and use their colours to determine the colour on the walls.

Another option is to simply use the replacement of your homeware to satisfy the craving for change and for a new look. You may be surprised how profound a difference even changing a few key items of your homeware can really make.

It’s your home, there’s no right or wrong answers when it comes to refreshing the colours in your home – all that matters is satisfying your personal taste.

Interior or Exterior?

Inside the home is one thing, but what about the first thing people see when they walk up to your front door? An outside refresh can dramatically change how your house looks, increasing its appeal. You have to pick the right colour to make this work, and neutral colours are best.

What colours go together inside a house?

You should always pick your main colour first then find colours to compliment, either by contrast with light and dark or by combining neutrals. This is why white goes with everything. Regal Blue is one of the bedroom colour trends of 2021.

Some classic combinations are:

Using Blues:

  • Dark blue and white
  • Pale blue and bright red
  • Blue and green

Using Blacks:

  • Black and white

Using Reds:

  • Red and gold
  • Red and pale blue

Using Greens:

  • Green and pink
  • Green and yellow
  • Green and blue