During spring and summertime, you tend to spend more time outside. However, you still wonder how to bring the sun into your home so that you can enjoy those summer vibes. One easy way to make that happen is to play with paint colours and choose the one that will brighten you up every day.

Timeless Paints For Your Interior

You can easily notice that almost every year, there is a new paint colour trend when it comes to home interiors. Luckily, there still remains a palette of wall paints that stay up-to-date on any decorating trend no matter what.

Adding a summer paint colour to your accessories like your front door and skirting boards will accentuate the ambience and environment of your sitting room, dining room, powder room, and bedroom will make it feel like an ideal home this summer season.

If you want to refresh your interior by putting on a new coat of paint, hire a skilled painter and decorator in London to ensure an easy alternative and the effect is flawless. Do you want to have the job done before summer? Hurry up! The best painting teams are always busy and have almost always full agendas.

Modern Summer Colours

In summer we think about the fresh air and bright blue skies. The summer flowers are in bloom, filling the environment with scent and vivid colours of bright white, mustard yellows, dusky pink, and earthy tones like bright green, burnt oranges, and all those fresh hues that invoke long, sunny afternoons.

Being at one with the natural world and fully immersing yourself into the warm sunshine can inspire that change you have been promising yourself for some time. Here we can help you find the right palette for your interior walls to bring the joy of summer all year round.  

Inspired By Blue Skies

Those cloudless summer days are just stunning! It is also a perfect inspiration for most interior designers. You can paint one of your rooms with one of the blue shades, which you will definitely want to keep around for a while. You do not have to paint all four walls at once. One might be good enough to serve as an accent wall and completely change the space. Moreover, blue hues and blue tones will visually cool the temperature, which is an excellent solution for that hot summer season.

One Day At The Beach

Do you not have the opportunity to sunbathe at the beach or go to the seaside occasionally? Deal with it the other way – meet with a good painter and decorator in London and bring the beach into your home. Sand shades are neutral tones for every interior and can easily be arranged with furniture and decorations.

Mix the colours of white, beige, ivory and pale grey and finish it up with turquoise, coral or ocean blue accents. Bright warm colours make the room look more spacious, especially when natural light comes through the windows.

In The Middle Of A Meadow

Summer is a great time to have a picnic with family and closest friends. How about turning your room into a little meadow? Find your favourite floral shades and put them on the walls. They will come ideally with your beloved flowers brought straight from the garden. Think of pistachio or pea-green shades as a calm and soothing composition that can relax your mind in the evening.

Purple And Cream – A Blissful Combination

Decorating tray full of blue paint
Whether you go for contrasting decor or not there are lots of paint colours to choose from

If you are looking for a painted bold colour that exudes happiness and are associated with passion and power, choose a soft combination of purple and cream. It goes well with a rustic arrangement, evoking a sparkle of romantic glow. Those two cool colours are pleasing to the eyes and help to feel relaxed. It is perfectly intended for a bedroom and a small living room.

Do you already know what your summer wall paint is going to be? Brighten up your interior and give it an airy sensation lasting for years. Give your interior extra care and hire an experienced painter and decorator in London who will liven up your private space with a fresh coat of summer paint.