When renovating your home, especially for the first time, you’ll be faced with more decisions than you could ever imagine. From paint swatches to glass panes, to tiles, to carpets, and everything else in between.

You will see, and possibly feel, hundreds of different colours and textures and it will be up to you to decide what fits into the home of your dreams. For many people, interior design styles can be broken down into categories like modern, urban, and classic.

For those of us who love the classic look, there is nothing that says “classic” quite like wooden interior doors. If you do choose these gorgeous wooden options for your home or home office, here are a few things that you will need to do to care for them over the years.

Modern Rustic Farm House Sliding DoorWash Thoroughly A Few Times A Year

Your wooden interior doors will collect dirt and dust, just like any other surface. For plastic or glass surfaces, this just means that you have to rinse them off now and then. For wooden interior home office doors, the best trick is to wash them thoroughly with soap and water two or three times a year.

Make sure that you use a mild, non-abrasive detergent. The best material to use as a cleaning rag is a soft cloth. Be sure to dry the doors well afterwards to prevent mould and mildew from taking up residence.

Wipe With The Grain

When cleaning your oak doors, make sure that you wipe with the grain of the wood and not against it. This will help to dislodge any grime and dirt, instead of rubbing it in further. If your doors are stained, you can use furniture wax or polish after the doors are dry to get them an extra shiny finish.

planing doorRecoating After A Few Years

After a few years of beautiful use, you may find that you need to recoat or resurface your wooden doors. This is a simple and enjoyable project – all you need is a sander, a cloth, some pre-conditioner, your stain of choice, and varnish to finish.

Once your door is removed from its hinges, you can begin by sanding it down with a fine grit to give it a light sanding. Remove all the dust with a soft cloth and apply some of the pre-conditioner – this will help the door to absorb the stain in the next step.

Now that your door is ready – use the stain of your choice to add a pop of colour. Stains are not like paints, so don’t expect a vivid colour – the beauty of wood is in its natural state anyhow. After the stain has dried, apply a few coats of varnish on top to seal in the stain, and make your door more durable.

Durable doors are handy to have if you have pets or small children who accidentally mess on your doors. A varnished door can simply be wiped down to look as good as new. Check your doors every few months to make sure there is no water damage, especially after the rainy season.