Whether you took a bit of time off work or there are the school holidays coming up, things tend to get a little boring if you have nothing planned. If watching TV is your only plan for a week off, a few home improvement projects will come in handy.

Not only do you add some value to your home, but you make it more enjoyable and give it some personality too. Plus, you do not need to be a professional handyman to undertake these DIY projects. All in all, here are a few simple projects that will change your home in less than a week.

Change your doors

Changing doors may ask for a little investment, but it will last you for ages. The necessity of interiors doors is even more obvious if they are starting to crack or even disintegrate. Sooner or later, you will have to do it anyway. To replace a door, you will probably need about an hour although some skills and tools are required and it could be a time consuming project.

All in all, there are lots of different types and options out there. If you want something fancy to stand out, go for walnut doors. They are solid, durable and can definitely make a statement. Plus, they come in all kinds of colours and styles like the sliding barn door.

If you want to boost your home’s curb appeal, a new front door too is also an idea and can increase the home value.

new door
Walnut doors give an element of class

Line a cabinet with textured paper

Got a plain cabinet in the dining room? How about a dresser? If you are sick and tired of noticing the same white interior whenever you open it, this idea will give it a brand new appearance on a budget. Get some wallpaper that matches both your walls and whatever you have in the respective cabinet to freshen up the display space.

Remove all the shelves if any, measure up the interior and cut wallpaper in the exact same size. While you can use multiple pieces of wallpaper, one piece will look better. Secure the wallpaper with contact adhesive and you will have a brand new style within hours only.

Come up with a contrast wall in each room

This project requires a bit of planning. A fun feature wall will make each room stand out, as long as you choose something different for each space. A coloured panel is a great idea and brings in a focal point, be it a square or a circle. You need to ensure you have the right shapes available.

Grab paint in various colours and get to work. To draw a circle, get a nail into the wall. Tie a string to it, then a pencil at the other end. Move the pencil around the nail while keeping the string straight. Use your imagination and come up with different designs, but also feel free to involve the whole family.

plants at home to give comfort
New plants at home can give comfort

Get some plants in

Biophilic design is the trend of 2022 but it’s mostly about bringing nature into the home to reduce stress and improve our productivity. A few pots here and there will not really make the difference, but how about enhancing your walls with greenery for a living wall and add a seating area? If you have the extra space, that could be your first project. Find some eco planters that only require a nail for support. Hang them in rows and lines and remember, more is better.

For instance, you can start with a few potted plants in a straight line above the sofa. You can add them in different patterns or randomly. If not sure what plants work well for indoor projects, consider perennial plants, ferns and or trailing plants. They are not too pretentious, but easy to look after.

Add a bit of colour in boring rooms

If you feel like some of your rooms are plain and boring, perhaps a splash of colour will change their appearance and a paint job is an easy way to boost the visuals. And this doesn’t have to be a fresh coat of paint and can simply be some nice floating shelves.

For example, if you have a room that is entirely based on white, look for something that could become a focal point, such as a chimney. Paint the fireplace beige or light blue. Look for frames and other things that could stand out. The cost? Just a tin of paint in the colour you want, as well as a brush. The result?  An outstanding and dramatic difference. Your room will look full of energy again. You can also use spray paint if you prefer.

Panel some walls

Wall panels represent another major hit and there are lots of tutorials about doing them yourself. Given the popularity of such panels, you can also find them in most DIY stores. They are primed and waiting for a top layer of paint.

Some of them are so convenient that they can stick to walls. Use your imagination to create a unique look with strips or MDF batons and take your time. Small mistakes can cost you. Make sure you measure everything twice and put your plan on a piece of paper, rather than in your mind.

new garden path

Create a garden path

Not everything is about indoor projects. Sometimes, the outdoor space is just as attractive, especially if the weather is fine. Find some old bricks and create a nice path through the lawn. Lay bricks sideways one next to another and use some other bricks to create a border around the path.

You will have to dig a little, put a brick down and surround it with sand to stabilize it. You can use the same idea to create some borders for flower beds if you have bricks left. Unhappy with the brick colour? Paint bricks with some outdoor paint before installing them. You only need to paint the top and sides.

In the end, there are no doubts about it. Simple and easy home improvement ideas can change the overall appearance of your home, but they require time and work. No matter what you are up to, every DIY project has to be written down. You need a plan and specific measurements to avoid unpleasant surprises throughout the project. But with these tips you can improve your property in just a week.