A bedroom is a place of luxury and relaxation. A minimal bedroom can help you achieve a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. However, you could also go for a busy wallpaper and eclectic style to give your space a little more personality. The bedroom is a personal space – and one that should reflect your character and interests.

Here are the top ten bedroom trends of 2021 and how you can integrate them into your space.

Regal blue

Paint an accent wall in royal blue or switch up your bedding to a deep blue velvet for a touch of luxury. You can change up the accessories in your bedroom throughout the seasons to create a cosier or fresher atmosphere.


Interior designers are obsessed with headboards right now – and more specifically, using the headboard as a focal point for the room. You could go for a statement patterned headboard or an ultra-luxe option that’s all about comfort. Wooden headboards, fluffy fabrics and patterned materials are taken the interior world by storm.

Clear the clutter with clever storage

Storage is essential in the bedroom. If your bedroom lies in a loft conversation, it might be time to look into wardrobe storage for the eaves. This is often an underused space that can store clothing, shoes, linen and much more.

bedroom trendsBotanical patterns

Botanical prints are all the rage now. Make the most out of brighter colours and botanical themes in your wallpaper choices and bedroom accessories.

Terracotta floors

Are you bored of neutral colour palettes and wooden floors? Look into a rustic floor option with terracotta floors.

Multi-purpose areas

With so many of us living in small city flats, our living space needs to be multi-functional. You can use your bedroom as a living room, gym and home office. It’s all about multi-purpose furniture and clever storage solutions.

Wallpaper everywhere

After the Scandi trend, interior designers seem to be craving a little more colour and pattern. Wallpaper is an excellent way to introduce personality into your space, and maybe even a few crazy prints.

Get creative!

Add some texture to your walls with bricks, reclaimed wood or spray-on concrete. If you’re not too keen on bold colours and patterns, try using natural materials to add texture and style to the room.

Sofa beds

A sofa bed is a classic multi-functional piece. It’s functional, stylish and can be customised to suit your style – easy! Just make sure to find a comfortable sofa bed that people can sleep and sit in.

The Scandi style is still big

The minimalist Scandi style is still huge in the interior world. Declutter your space and use natural greenery to add a layer of colour into an otherwise neutral colour palette.

Your bedroom should suit your style while also being functional for your everyday life. Find a colour palette that reflects your personality and enjoy your interior design journey!