how to know when mot due

An MOT is the term given for a series of tests that are undertaken on all motor vehicles. It simply stands for ‘Ministry of Transport’, the government department that introduced these tests but which has long since become part of the Department for Transport. It is another government agency that is responsible for the MOT system in the UK, the DVLA, the same agency that collects road tax from car owners. However, some people are confused about when they need to take their car for an MOT, so here is a breakdown of the rules.

In the main, you do not have to take your car for an MOT over the course of the first three years of its life. This means from brand new and not from when you bought your car, however. Furthermore, this three-year rule applies to standard production models only. If you have a kit car or have modified your car significantly, then you may need to have it MOT’d prior to its third birthday.

For the most part, you will need to book an MOT once a year after it has turned three years of age. It is the owner’s responsibility to have this statutory test undertaken. Leaving it until your current MOT certificate has expired means you could be driving illegally on the road so you will need to take it off the road and declare this to the DVLA as such if you cannot book an MOT in time. That said, your car should always be roadworthy.

We recommend going to a credible car garage to have your MOT test taken. A good option is to give KAP Motors a visit. KAP Motors offer professional MOT service in Brighton and you can book their MOT service online at a date and time of your convenience. To know whether your MOT is due or not, just look at your current MOT certificate to see when the next test is due.

It is also worth knowing that you don’t even need your MOT certificate to be able to establish when the next test is due. Simply enter the registration number plate of your car into the government’s ‘check MOT status’ website and you’ll be able to see your vehicle’s status.

Remember that you can book your next MOT approximately one month before the deadline. However, when your car passes its test the next due date will be one year on from your prior test. This means you get a month-long window to book your MOT without feeling like you are being cheated into only being valid for 11 months. MOT tests are for public’s safety so don’t be negligent about them and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.