Most children grow up wanting to have a treehouse in their garden, which can give them a cool space to hang out with their friends and an area that is their own outside of the house (but still safely on your property). Building a treehouse for your kids is one of the greatest things that you can do as a parent, but it is also a tricky task and you will also want to make sure that it is safe as well as enjoyable.

Which Tree is the Right Tree?

First, you need to pick the right tree in your garden that will home the treehouse perfectly. You will want something that is sturdy, easy to climb, with strong supporting branches, protected from high winds and safe. The best trees are deciduous trees as these tend to grow more slowly and have stronger wood. A few of the better species include maple, oak, apple, beech, and cedar. Pick a tree in a quiet area of the garden and then use a cordless pruning saw to cut down the small and mid-sized branches to create a more even base.

It is also worthwhile putting down grass safety mats around the tree of choice, which will provide important protection if anyone does fall.

kids playing in a tree house

Design With the Kids

You should also include the kids in the design process so that you can build a treehouse that feels like their own. They may have a few ideas that are unrealistic, but you should be able to get a good idea of the kind of treehouse that they want you to craft and create. Involving the kids is also smart because it encourages creativity, which is hugely important for their personal development.

Create a Proper Planning

As with any kind of project, the key to success is planning. You need to spend some time creating a plan for the treehouse, including a floor plan with accurate measurements and a list of all of the materials and tools that you need. You can then break the construction down into smaller chunks and this will make it much easier to complete. A few of the key areas that you need to plan for include the flooring, storage, seating, and tables.

When building, you always need to start with a solid and secure platform perhaps built on stilts. The walls can either lean on supporting branches or be attached with straps. In the past nails have been used or specialised treehouse bolts, but as these damage the trees alternative methods have been sought.

Tasks like decorating and personal touches you can involve the kids in, which again will help with their development and allow them to create their own space. A few good ideas for making the treehouse their own space include fairy lights, birdhouses, doorbells, and name signs just as a few ideas to get you started.

Building a treehouse for your kids to enjoy is one of the greatest things that you can do as a parent. You will be providing them with their own private outdoor space where they can spend time with friends, but this can also be a complex project and you will always want to make sure that you are creating a safe space.

What is a Tree House?

A tree house is a building constructed around a tree or it’s branches above ground level. The practise dates back centuries to jungle dwelling tribes to protect themselves from dangers of the forest floor.

These days of course they are mostly for children to play in as a tree fort den or base. With an increase desire for sustainability they can be used as eco-friendly housing, and they are also the most expensive luxury accommodation at Centre Parcs which likely plays on guests inner-child.