Founded in 2016 by Matthieu Mayran, Icarus Media Digital has grown so much in only seven years that it was able to announce a major accomplishment not long ago. It reached an average of one million monthly unique visitors for all their ventures, which materialized into 15 million page views across its whole portfolio, over a period of only six months.

This is a true sign of success. Now, the company keep building a couple of startups on a yearly basis, thanks to the knowledge of its managers. Here is more on them.

The Know-how to Create and Launch New Startups

Not many companies have the capacity to handle startups from their inception to becoming a successful business, but Icarus Media Digital does. In fact, that is what they have been doing for the last seven years, as they celebrated this anniversary back in March of this year. It is the knowledge that they hold within the company that enables them to be so successful at it.

With offices in Dublin and London, the company possesses the perfect mix of managers and employees who can think of new ideas, develop a strategy and bring them to market. In other words, there is nothing that Icarus Media Digital doesn’t do by itself, when it launches a new project. They go from A to Z, without skipping a beat.

Specializing in Innovative Technologies, Including Information and Communication

Every company has its own goals and objectives. Icarus Media Digital is interested in becoming and remaining a key player in businesses that are centred around innovative technologies. They especially enjoy working in the fields of information and communication. To them, these kinds of startups represent the future of the world.

Since technology has gone digital, the advancement of society has been phenomenal. But this is just the start, and the company knows that it can help to make people’s lives even better, while creating businesses that are profitable.

In fact, this is the focus of Icarus Media Digital: to develop companies so that they can become profitable in as little time as possible. They manage to do so thanks to a business model that fit their plan, right from the start. Now, all they have to do is to follow the steps that they have chosen, while using the full potential and knowledge of those who are part of the team.

They have at their disposal the various tools that were also built to develop the startups and to do so in less time than most. When the projects are ready to be launched, they have already been vetted through market studies, which means that the demand is there. All they need is to bring on the proper offer.

Using the Right Channels

Icarus Media Digital is a specialist in acquisition strategies. To do so, it uses a wide variety of channels which include content marketing and natural and paid referencing. They also communicate extensively on each of their projects, using social networks as one of the tools to reach consumers. With the knowledge that the company has accumulated over the seven years of its existence, it knows how to never miss its target.