Home renovations are exciting times. While it takes planning and it’s an upheaval, the end results are always the dream.

Yes, it can be expensive, but the payoff is more than worth it. Still, with potentially so much to do, where should you start? Which projects have the highest return on investment? How can you ensure your vision becomes reality in the end?

Read on to find out.

new kitchen and living space


Beautiful Kitchens

They say the kitchen is the heart of every home, and rightly so. It’s more than just a place for cooking; it’s where people come together, share stories, and create memories (or argue because someone is in their space and they’re trying to cook).

Renovating your kitchen may have a huge impact on how appealing and functional your house becomes. It’ll always feature in articles like this. Begin by looking at its design – does everything flow naturally? Are there enough spaces to move around during busy dinners or family get-togethers? Do you have the storage and preparation space you want?

If you plan to sell, upgrading appliances like refrigerators or dishwashers may save money with electricity bills while attracting potential buyers who would like eco-friendly homes. Also, consider putting up new countertops and updating kitchen cabinets to trending colours, some people paint their cabinets or stick vinyl wrapping on top. And something as simple as a new tile backsplash can transform the kitchen design.

new bathroom

Improve Your Bathroom(s)

Bathrooms are among the top areas people think about improving when doing home makeovers – they offer instant gratification considering their small size compared with other parts of the premises. For example; converting an outdated, cramped bathroom into a spacious, relaxing sanctuary can greatly transform the overall quality of life at home.

But we don’t all have the budget to do a full bathroom renovation so there are other things you can do. Or, updating fixtures and fittings – such as showerheads, taps, towel rails, etc – will give this space a fresh look without necessarily changing the entire layout.

If you want to be environmentally conscious, the bathroom is one of the rooms where we waste the most water. Installing low-flush toilets, low-flow showerheads, and taps can help save the planet and reduce your monthly bills. It’s a win-win.

Storage solutions like vanity units with drawers under the sink or open shelves above the toilet will give you additional space and keep things organised, making them easy to find whenever needed.

hardwood floors in living room

Flooring is Essential

Flooring is one of those things people tend not to pay much attention to until they realise just how much difference it makes in terms of comfortability, warmth, soundproofing, etc.

Some popular choices for living areas include hardwood floors and laminated ones – these flooring types have proven durability over time, and select trusted building merchants for high-quality finishes. It pays to spend a little more.

In kitchen and bathroom areas where there are often lots of spillage accidents, porcelain tiles are ideal due to their ability to withstand heavy traffic water exposure without getting damaged quickly. We love mosaic tiles for the kitchen.

What renovation idea is your favourite? Pick a renovation that enhances your everyday living environment and increases your property’s market value.