I suspect everyone has a slightly different idea of when the holiday begins, it could be the minute the out of office goes on at work, up until you are finally arriving at your destination. For me, it’s not until I am finally in my swimwear by the pool, although once arriving at the airport is a big step forward.

The reason for this is there’s still steps to take, and even getting to the airport on time is a big stresser. For this reason, we always take the car. Just the fact that you can drive to and from the airport and not rely on public transport makes the whole trip more pleasant and seamless. However, for most people, the question arises of where to park their car, as they need to ensure its safety during their absence.

I’ve done them all over the years; trains, national express coaches, off-site parking, long-term stay parking. And now I have to admit it’s meet and greet parking all the way for me, mainly thanks to a recent long stay that frankly was a hassle with the shuttle bus and pouring rain, two tired kids and far too much luggage to carry. For me, the extra cost is worth it to drive right to the door, and have it waiting for your return.

If driving I’d always suggest you utilise an airport car park space over hiring someone’s drive, I’ve heard too many horror stories on that. However, I get that those who have heard about the high costs of airport parking may not be pleased with this recommendation.

This can change by following our tips on how to save a fortune on airport parking. Let’s jump straight to the tips!

underground airport parking
Meet and greet parking usually means your car is waiting for you

Tip 1: Scour for Discounts

You’ve likely heard of and perhaps even utilised special discounts and promotional codes for various products. Did you know that you can do the same for airport parking services? Airport car parks aim to attract clients, so they use marketing techniques to achieve their goals. Thus, before you book an airport parking deal, you should google if there are any codes or special offers going around.

If you are a regular traveller, you’ll know you need to this way in advance for the best deals, and there are sometimes January sales on often with free cancellation.

airport parking in fields
Off-site parking can sometimes be in a field

Tip 2: Find the Right Car Space for You

You may think that securing a space at a car park won’t be a big deal, but there is a variety of airport parking services that you can choose from. From the simple on or off-site parking to premium options, such as the meet-and-greet service, you have to take into account your time and budget. Additionally, you may have specific requirements that a car park must meet, such as having chargers for electric cars or disabled parking.

You can view, check, and compare airport parking offers in the UK on bookfhr.com, catering to both simple and luxury needs, all at the lowest prices. The fact that you get all the potential options in one place with a list of their features and customer ratings makes identifying the right car space for you faster, while at the same time save money on airport parking.

One thing I will add, is when going on holiday we suck up extra expense at the airport or plane with over-priced food and drink. Often we accept that as part of the holiday package, and maybe it’s time to bucket parking costs into that expense. We pay for convenience in life, and if it puts you in a better mood for your trip, it’s money well spent.

short term car parking at airport
Undercover car parks limit having to get into your car in the cold and rain

Tip 3: Share the Cost

They say that sharing is caring, right? What better way to enjoy an airport parking experience, whether typical or luxurious, than by sharing the cost with your travel companions? If you relish solo travel, you can find safe online groups where like-minded people share rides to the same destination, reducing travel costs.

Tip 4: Avoid On-site Options

The most common way to save a fortune on airport parking is by choosing an off-site car park. This means that the car park that you are leaving your car at is far from the terminals. While the distance may require extra time and energy, the lower rates compared to on-site parking options make it a worthwhile choice.