Precious Portugal is a destination that promises unforgettable Mediterranean fun and tranquillity. How not to fall in love with the glorious sun, its crystal-clear waters, the friendly people, and the amazing food?

The only issue with it is the fact that it is teeming with fantastic cities and towns, making it difficult to choose the ones that you will devote your time to. Faro is a town that you need to visit. It’s like you haven’t really been to Portugal if you haven’t seen Faro.

The capital of Portugal’s Algarve region, Faro in on the southernmost tip of the country. Known for its ancient architecture and charming cobblestone streets, time spent in Faro is never wasted. Although Faro boasts fascinating tourist attractions, it often gets overshadowed by more popular resort towns such as Albufeira and Lagos.

church in faro portugal
The Arco da villa, a neo-classical archway leading to Faro old town

Why visit Faro?

Everything you may want, Faro has it. History buffs will never want to leave as a simple visit to the Old Town will travel them back in time. The traditional Portuguese architecture and historic landmarks, such as the Cathedral of Faro and the Arco da Vila, leave everyone stunned.

But other types of travellers are catered to as well. For example, nature lovers must go to Ria Formosa Natural Park, a coastal lagoon with various local animals and plants. Everyone turns into a foodie in Faro as the Portuguese cuisine is famous for its fresh ingredients used to make amazing seafood and pastries. Cataplana and grilled sardines are dishes that you must try.

How to reach Faro?

By Train

The national railway network connects all major Portuguese cities together. You can reach the southern part of the country and explore Faro from anywhere. The train station is located in the centre of Faro.

By Bus

Bus services in Portugal are well-developed, offering routes between cities, including Faro. Since we’re talking about road-based vehicles, it’s important to mention that the highways in Portugal are in great condition, making road trips a fun alternative.

By Air

If you’re not in Portugal, the easiest way to reach Faro is by plane. Faro Airport receives flights from various destinations in the world, and it’s located pretty close to the city.

How to hire a car at Faro Airport?

An effortless way to get to Faro and navigate the city is by hiring a car. Many car hire companies are based at Faro Airport, allowing travellers to pick up their hired car and start exploring immediately. No need to waste time on searching for ideal means of transport, tickets, and timetables.

Where to hire a car at Faro Airport?

With so many car hire companies at Faro Airport, how can someone ensure they’ve chosen the right vehicle? By visiting you can compare the most affordable car hire options offered at Faro Airport and book the one that satisfies all your needs at the comfort of your home, without having to interact with anyone. Fees and policies are clearly stated so that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

faro marina
Faro Marina is worth the visit

A 48-hour adventure in Faro

There is plenty to explore the historic centre of Faro, including the Old Town, Arco da Vila (pictured above), and Faro Cathedral.

Faro Archaeological Museum: You should spend some time learning about the history of the city and the wider region by visiting Faro Archaeological Museum.

Faro Marina: Along with the Old Town, the Faro Marina is the place where you can taste the authentic life in the city. Stroll around and soak the atmosphere. There are cafes, bakeries, and restaurants to satiate your literal hunger (the fresh seafood is divine). You can also get on a boat and go on a tour of the Ria Formosa Natural Park.

Bone Chapel: The Bone Chapel is a dark but unique sight that you shouldn’t miss. It’s a church adorned with human bones.

Faro Beach (Praia de Faro): The perfect place to relax and enjoy the summer vibes is the main beach in Faro Faro Beach. The golden sand and the beautiful waters will make time stop. Other local beaches accessible by boat include include Ilha Deserta (Desert Island Beach) or Praia de Ilha da Culatra.

Take a boat trip: Explore the nearby islands of Armona, Culatra, and Farol for a unique island-hopping experience, hopefully passing by the Bengali cave.