Social media has allowed people who love to travel to make a living as an influencer. Social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok let people share their travel experiences through photos, videos, and stories. With monetization strategies such as advertising, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing, it is not only possible to get paid to travel but to make quite a bit of money.

However, being a travel influencer isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work and dedication. Influencers spend many hours planning their posts, managing their social media, editing pictures, and talking to their followers. It also helps to have some tools to make life a bit easier.

In this article, we will go over several tools to have if you plan to become a travel influencer.

travel influencer holds drone
Drones can capture all the stunning scenery around you


Drones are incredibly useful for travel influencers who are trying to capture stunning aerial shots that make the scenery of a location really pop. They have high-resolution cameras and can reach vantage points that are often inaccessible by foot. The footage you’ll get from drones not only adds a dramatic flair to travel content but also helps it stand out from your competition on social media.

Types like the Self-Flying HOVERAir use AI to lock on to you, seamlessly tracking your every move to give that ideal panning cinematography guaranteed to wow your followers. Any serious tourism content creator needs this.

Influencers use these aerial views to highlight well-known tourist spots in a new light or to reveal hidden treasures that can’t be seen from the ground. A drone can help bring the viewer into the video and keeps them engaged which makes it an essential tool. You can get the perfect drone for your needs from Coptrz, the drone experts.

influencer using Gimbal when travelling
A gimbal gives you a steady cam to level up your influencer marketing content

Gimbal or stabilizer

Shaky videos look and feel amateurish and will not help you win over too many fans of your content. Having a gimbal or stabilizer will help to steady the camera, even when you’re walking, running, or traveling over rough terrain. This steadiness is key to producing high-quality video content that doesn’t shake or blur, which can distract viewers.

Gimbals work by using motors and sensors to counteract movement, keeping the camera stable no matter how much the operator moves. This means high quality content for your  travel blogger channel.

Since the travel topic is highly visual, the content has to be visually stunning. When it isn’t you will lose credibility as an influencer and possibly waste a lot of time and effort as the execution won’t match what you were going for.

travel influencer by pool

Social media management software

Social media management is very important for travel influencers to succeed. It includes creating content, posting it regularly, and analysing how well it performs.

Using scheduling tools lets you plan and set up posts ahead of time. This means you can keep posting regularly, even when you’re busy traveling or don’t have internet access. Regular posts keep followers interested and engaged.

Analytics tools give detailed information about how posts are doing. They show how many people see the posts, how they interact with them, and what types of content are most popular. With this information, you can make posts that your followers will like more.