If you are finding things tight with self-isolation, here are 5 quick tips to cut back if you are cash poor but rich on time.

Reduce your car insurance

If you are stuck at home and not using the car, you might be eligible for a huge discount but changing your car insurance to 3rd party and lowering the milage to under 1000 miles per year. Some people have reduced their payments to as low as £5 per month.

Low-mileage car insurance is designed for motorists who only drive a short distance each year. Each insurer has a different threshold, so contact them to find out how much you can save.

Reduce your cable bills

If you pay for Sky Sports or BT sports, you have these temporarily removed from your bill until sports resume. With Virgin Media, you can complete this online and it will be applied automatically.

Look at Mortgage Options

You are likely eligible for a payment break for 3 months or to move to an interest-free mortgage. While this will cost more in the long run, it may be exactly what you need in the short term as mortgages are our biggest expense. In addition, with the Bank of England reducing interest rates, you may find you can SAVE money by remortgaging.

Have a spring clean and sell unwanted items

It’s rare to have time at home. In most cases, we are discovering we have been putting off jobs for a reason. But it is the perfect time to clear the garage, attic or spare room. Unwanted items can be sold on selling pages or given to charity, and old clothes can be re-purposed. It could be cleansing for your mental health too. 

With the restaurants closed, while some are offering deliveries it is a good time to try cooking more. It’s often far cheaper to make things yourself, and will provide a welcome change in your house. If you try a low-buy year you might be amazed how much you can save on takeaways.



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