Videos are evolving at a very fast pace, and the trend will soon reach new heights as anticipated by experts. 83% of the organizations believe that video marketing offers high returns on investment, and this statistic alone is enough to prove the efficacy of videos.

Undoubtedly, video marketing is a recent addition to the marketing toolkit used by the majority of businesses. And the ones who are still wondering whether it is truly worth it to be used to promote a company, the answer is Yes.

It does not just help with video promotions but is one of the most profitable and adaptable digital marketing solutions for businesses. Everyone is using it, and here are the eight most powerful reasons to start using it instantly:

1. Videos Boost Conversion and Sale

Product videos on the landing pages of websites can enhance conversions by 80%, thus bringing about good sales. The majority of the individuals who go through explainer videos about products and services go on to buy the product. So, it’s time for businesses to get to work on creating interesting product videos immediately.

2. Videos Bring in Great Returns on Investment

Ask the Video Agency experts, and they will tell you how videos are good at piquing the buyers’ interest. It might not be the most affordable and the easiest activity, but video marketing pays off in the long run, and it pays handsomely.

Video Marketing on phones3. Videos Help in Building Trust

This point is directly related to the first point, as without building trust, it will get very difficult for a brand to enjoy conversions and sales. In this present era, where everything is done through videos, this form of content can be instrumental in sparking the emotions of prospective buyers.

Promotional videos help build trust instantly. Effective product marketing videos are also good at conveying a company’s items in the most conversational manner. Such videos offer good personalization and increase the customers’ trust in online purchases.

4. Google is Simply in Love with Videos

Sites with top-quality videos integrated have higher chances of ranking right on top in the Google search engine results. And customers are likely to spend more time on websites, including videos that catch the consumers’ attention.

Good quality videos created using the best online video editor are liked by Google and even by its users. So, now is the time for organizations to have their hands on the best online video editing tool.

5. Videos Appeal to the Mobile Users

This is quite obvious, and there are good reasons behind this as well. Since a large number of individuals, or almost 99% of the world’s population, now own a smartphone, people always tend to stick to their phones watching different forms of content.

In such circumstances, if you create good-quality videos that are optimized to be viewed on the users’ mobile phones, you are likely to get increased traffic on your site. Ultimately, this will result in more conversions directing to more sales.

6. Videos are a Good Way of Explaining Everything

If you have plans to launch a brand new service or product, there would be nothing better than demonstrating how it works through a video. There are many people who go through explainer videos to learn more about products and services.

Therefore, companies using video marketing have explainer videos on their main page. Even the most complex of concepts get a clear and concise explanation through videos, specifically through animated ones.

Animated videos can bring ideas to life. This is something that cannot be achieved even through live videos.

Video Marketing for sales7. Videos Engage the Laziest of Buyers

Videos are not just the perfect learning tools, but they can also be consumed very easily. At present, when people hardly have the time to go through lengthy and boring product descriptions, videos come as the saviour.

They have the potential of reaching a large number of individuals and operating on varied levels too. They speak to the eyes and even to the ears of the slackest buyers. So, it can rightly be said that video marketing amplifies the competitive advantage of companies.

8. Videos Make Way for More Social Shares

If a certain branded video is quite engaging, consumers are likely to share it with friends. Hence, if businesses want to increase the social sharing of their videos, they need to create engaging content.

This is one of the primary reasons Social Media platforms have also started encouraging video production by providing new capabilities to users. The large-scale social sharing of videos can drive in traffic, and businesses can touch great heights of success through this.

Video Marketing Trends 2022

Speaking of the trends in the video marketing arena, there are many, and businesses should definitely try buying oin

The majority of the customers prefer videos over reading the information they need. It is being envisaged that videos will be increasingly used for conversions and for lead generation.

The quality of video content is quite crucial. As long as video content is interesting, webinar recordings, Facebook live videos, and various other forms of videos with enough production quality will definitely work.

In 2022, it will be more than necessary to convey brand stories concisely through videos. Brands need to deliver all instructions and information in videos; otherwise, they can lose a huge amount of audience.

Optimizing videos for varied scenarios and platforms will be more than important, which makes using a good video editor critical to your business.

Live videos will play an important role in the video marketing arena. It will become necessary for businesses to bring live events to the audience, conduct interviews with the influencers, and host live Q&A sessions to increase brand exposure and engagement.

Final Words

Video marketing has become inexpensive and more accessible. That’s because of the increased use of videos. However, a lot of creativity and a good understanding of the target audience psychology is needed to create top-quality marketing videos.

From content creation to product marketing, event presence to social posts, and even sales. There’s a lot that businesses need to do, and video marketing only will boost all these!