Beginners guide to hiring a motorhome

Buying a motorhome can be an expensive investment, but if you love travelling to beachy locations with stunning views, the investment might be worth it in the long run. Before splashing out, it might be a good idea to hire a motorhome to ‘try before you buy’.

So, what’s so good about motorhomes? The first thing that comes to mind is flexibility and freedom. You can break away from adhering to a train or bus schedule, or spending wads of cash on a hotel – a motorhome is all that in one vehicle. You get to enjoy the open countryside on the go without losing out on the luxuries.

A motorhome is a great way to revel in the beautiful outdoors whilst spending time with your family. There are also no restrictions with bringing your dog with you which is an added plus for pet owners!

campervans on camp siteThings to consider before hiring a motorhome

Before hiring a motorhome, there are a few things to consider first. As with all trips away, it takes some planning beforehand. However, with motorhomes you need to consider which roads to take because it can be a struggle driving on narrow roads in a big vehicle. You’ll also have to consider the cost of fuel and take out motorhome insurance to protect the vehicle and your belongings.

Take the time to research the route you will take to ensure you have a seamless motorhome experience and plan in breaks if it’s a long journey and you’re travelling with children. Planning what you will be taking with you should also be a top priority, especially if you are cooking and sleeping inside your motorhome.

Top motorhome essentials

Don’t forget to pack all your essentials before travelling. While a motorhome provides you with more space than a tent or caravan for your items, it’s better to pack light. Pack your clothing and toiletries – items that you will need daily.

Ensure you’ve packed all the electrical items you might need – phone and charger, wi-fi booster, GPS for travel, handheld gaming to keep the children entertained, and an electric kettle.

A first aid kit, toilet paper, tea towels, and basic cleaning supplies will also come in handy. Pack easy to cook meals and travel pots and pans for meals on the road.

There’s also a wide variety of motorhome apps to help you have a seamless staycation.


Ensure you choose a reputable motorhome hire company by checking out their reviews online. Make sure to pack your insurance papers and driver’s license before picking up the motorhome and getting ready to start your staycation.