If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for someone who wears glasses, then look no further! We’ve put together a list of thoughtful, practical and extravagant stocking filler ideas to help you choose the perfect gift for the glasses-wearer in your life to cherish.

Glasses Chains

Do you know someone who is always forgetting where they put their glasses? A trendy glasses chain could be the perfect gift for them.

Vintage-inspired glasses chains, also known as frame chains, have made a recent comeback to the fashion world. These retro chains can be attached to a pair of specs and hung around your neck.  This a useful way to keep your glasses right where you can see them even when they’re not on your face, making them a quirky and practical gift for both men and women.

Cleaning Kits and Glasses Cases

A lens cleaning kit allows a glasses-wearer to keep their specs clean, free of dirt and bacteria and in tip-top condition.  A set of microfibre cloths and cleaning sprays are not only extremely useful but very important for looking after your glasses properly. This is the perfect practical gift for a clean freak!

Or, how about treating someone to a stylish new glasses case? As well as protecting their glasses from damage, you could add a personal touch and have the case engraved with a message or the giftee’s initials, turning it into a special momentum they can cherish forever.

man in glasses opening gift

Prescription Glasses

As long as you know the prescription details, you can easily order prescription glasses or reading glasses for anybody. Just make sure you have their current, up-to-date prescription so the lenses can be made accurately.

To ensure the glasses will fit properly, you could measure the lens and bridge width, and the length of the temples of their current frames (see below).

When choosing the glasses frames, take into account the eye colour, hair colour and skin tone of the recipient. Also be aware of the shape of their face, to ensure your get the right style of glasses to suit them perfectly.


If you know someone who loves sunglasses, why not buy them a stylish new pair for Christmas? Sunglasses are a great gift all year round, and they can also be tailored with prescription lenses. This makes them an ideal solution for people who don’t want to carry an additional pair of specs around when they’re outside or driving in sunny conditions.

With so many different sunglasses options available in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, colours and designs, there’s something to suit every taste and budget. If you’re feeling generous, why not choose a pair from their favourite designer?

Specialist Sports Eyewear

If you’re buying for someone who has an active lifestyle, there is a huge range of sports glasses available to make a unique Christmas gift especially for them.

Whether they prefer cycling, running, golf or football, you’ll find specialist sports eyewear to suit every activity. You could even treat a skiing enthusiast to a ski mask with prescription inserts for their next trip to the slopes.

Fashion Specs

In recent years, wearing glasses as a fashion accessory and not just out of necessity, has become an ever-growing trend. Celebrities such as Ed Sheeran and Kendall Jenner have been seen wearing stylish, non-prescription glasses as part of their look.