No event feels complete without some merchandise. However large or small your event, merchandise can be a great way to promote a brand and generate additional income from an event and offer a fantastic memento for attendees.

There are all sorts of merchandising opportunities you could take advantage of, and what you decide on will depend on your event. This article will go through some of the most important things to consider when creating merchandising for a small event.

Know Your Attendees

You should learn what you can about the attendees you expect to come to your event. This usually shouldn’t be too difficult, as your event will cater to a particular interest or niche, such as a business conference or a charity fundraiser.

The more you know about your prospective attendees’ interests, likes, and dislikes, the better you will be able to tailor the merchandising you invest in.
Merchandising options

Consider A Variety Of Merchandising Options

You should look at a whole range of merchandising opportunities, from clothing to posters to branded homeware. The broader the range of options, the more you will cater to the wider group. However, you should avoid providing too many options, which may overwhelm customers and leave you with surplus stock.

Price Fairly

Always price your merchandise competitively but fairly. While merch can be an excellent opportunity to make extra money for the event, you should still consider what attendees will be willing to pay.

Choose A Quality Clothing Wholesaler

T-shirts, jumpers and hoodies are staples of any merchandising stall. You should find a reputable wholesaler to provide you with quality clothing at excellent rates. It is also a good idea to choose a wholesaler that can print the branding and design for your clothing at the same time. Take a look at Screen Textiles for an idea of the quality and high level of service you should expect.
Merchandise clothing for events

Keep It Simple

It is a good idea for any merch, but particularly clothing, to keep the designs and branding simple. This is because a simple design can look effortlessly classic and appeal to a greater number of people, meaning you will get more sales.

Offer Pre-Sales

Pre-sales are a great way to ensure you order the right amount of merch. You could offer pre-sales to be collected at the event, giving you an idea of how popular the merchandise might be. If any item sells out, ensure you order plenty more for the event itself.

Display Merchandise Prominently

When the event arrives, you should ensure your guests see the merchandise stall as soon as they arrive. There is a reason many music venues have their merch displayed as soon as excited attendees come through the doors.

You should capitalise on the excitement of your guests and ensure it is simple for them to make a purchase. Ensuring your merchandise is the first thing attendees see will help ensure they spend money there first. Take various payment methods to accommodate everyone.