Whether your family consists of parent(s) and kids, or just the two of you, a holiday to the US can be a lifelong dream come true for many. The country is so large that you are spoilt for choice to settle on where exactly you want to go. Depending on the time on your hands, make the most of your downtime and see a few of the many wonderful options available.

Planning such a trip might seem daunting so we have put together a few tips to take the stress out of it. That way, you can simply follow them and save your energy for a great holiday to remember.

san franciso bay
San Francisco Bay is a sight to behold

Make Lists

You will need to be organised. So, get a notebook and make lists of everything. Keeping it all together in one book will ensure that none of your planning gets lost.

What Would you Like to Experience?

Make a list of new experiences you would enjoy together. Common places to visit include the beach, lakes, mountains, cities, and amusement parks. However, once you have this written down, do some research. Which beach or city have you always wanted to see? What about landmarks like the Grand Canyon?

Consider a bespoke holiday itinerary to travel the USA together. There is much to be gained from going through a travel agency and getting access to little-known local places that tourists seldom see. Make your holiday an authentic and life-enriching bonding experience.


Determine how much you have stored up in your holiday savings account. You will have to pay for transport, accommodation, food, and entertainment. Use this handy budget trip planner to work out what you’ll need when planning family holidays to USA. A travel agent can also offer you budget packages. You should also book tickets for any special activities you have planned for your holiday.

New York City Manhattan midtown buildings skyline night
Manhattan Island is a popular destination for tourists in America

Buy Airline Tickets and Book your Accommodation

If you go with a travel agency, they will handle many of the logistics for you. All you need to do is decide on the dates you can travel. If not, then you need to book your flight up to two months ahead of your holiday. If you have children younger than two, they can travel free, but as they are not paying for seats, you need to hold them for the duration of the flight.

Compare prices of different airlines. In general, the most expensive days for air travel are Sundays and Fridays. It is cheapest to book for Tuesdays or Wednesdays.


Each traveller can check in two pieces of luggage. An extra bag can be carried onboard. Pack lightly, especially if you are going to be seeing several places in the US. Remember to make a list of clothing you need to take so that you don’t have to use your spending money to buy these things after you arrive.

All that is left is to make sure that your papers and passports are in order.