Family vacations are some of the best times to bond with your relatives and get updated on any new happenings and babies. However, it takes a lot of planning and execution to make these vacations successful, especially when international travel is involved.

When these trips involve lots of kids, extended family, and older people, you’ll need to take specific measures to ensure they are successful and the flights are hassle-free.

Flight cancellations are another concern. Sometimes, families need to make abrupt changes to the flight plan if one member can’t meet up or there is an emergency. Most airlines provide you with the option to change your flight date, or they’ll provide a refund after removing a percentage as tax. You can read more about accessing the Wizz Air compensation claim here

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10 Tips for Flying With A Large Family Hassle-Free

When going on a trip with many family members, you must ensure everyone is accounted for, have everything in order, and are all ready for the trip. So, here are a few tips you can try out to ensure this:

Start By Planning Ahead

Trips with lots of people require time and resources. You need to plan everything from the flights to transport to accommodation. While keeping all these in mind, you’ll also need to make sure that you keep records of all costs and look for as many discounts as possible. If you’re flying, you must book flights weeks to months ahead of your trip to get the best fares. You can also use the opportunity to reserve seats so everyone can be together on the plane.

Reserving Your Seats

Seat reservations are essential so no one gets off the plane and wanders off unsupervised. If you can’t get everyone to sit together, you can arrange for them to sit in clusters so everyone will be within reach. If you’re new to booking online and can’t figure out how to reserve seating, you can check out this guide on seat reservations.

Try Not To Overpack

Having all the essential items for a long-distance trip is important, but you must try not to pack everything you want. While travelling, if you pack excess luggage, you’ll be asked to pay baggage fees. Too much luggage will also make it harder to move around the airport.

If you can’t arrange transportation before arriving at your destination, having excess luggage can also reduce your chances of getting a vehicle quickly. So, when packing, ensure each family member only takes their essential baggage and maybe a few of the unnecessary stuff.

Try to Use The Online Check-In

Airports can get crowded when it is time to check in. You can avoid all this by simply doing your check-in online. You can collect your boarding pass and proceed directly to check in your luggage, go through the security check, and wait at the lounge.

You can start your online check-in 24 hours before your flight. Try to take advantage of the chance to avoid the queue at the check-in counter and make boarding easier.

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Bring Fun Things to Entertain The Kids

When travelling with kids, always ensure you carry things to entertain them. Children running around an airport lounge, screaming, or playing rough is unsuitable for an airport or a plane, all with stress reduced tolerance levels.

And sadly, not all your fellow passengers will be sympathetic to your plight. So, carry a tablet, toys, books, and other fun materials to keep them entertained during the flight. If you more ideas, we wrote a guide on the best games and activities for kids to play on a plane to keep them entertained.

Pack Snacks and Drinks

Although airlines provide meals during the flight, the plane isn’t always age-appropriate or fit for personalized diets. You should try to pack suitable snacks and drinks for your kids and any elderly family. If anyone’s health issues prevent them from eating certain things, it’s always best to pack an appropriate meal in a separate bag.

Prepare in Advance for The Security Check

Security checks will be easy if everyone is prepared for them. The airline staff will scan your hand luggage for metals and inappropriate materials. Ensure that there is minimal metal on your family members and that no one is armed with anything the airline prohibits. Furthermore, teach the kids about standard procedures like placing your phones and laptops in a tray, removing metallic belts, etc. Ensure they aren’t uncomfortable with the security wand and teach them about appropriate behaviour during security checks.

Be Punctual to The Airport

Ideally, you should arrive at the airport an hour before your flight, but arriving two to three hours earlier might be better if you’re travelling as a family. This way, you can avoid delays, check in faster, complete your security check on time, and rest in the lounge.

Be Attentive When Boarding

Every airline has a standard procedure for boarding flights. If you can get a pass to board early as a large family group, then you should use that option to get space for your hand luggage and ensure the entire family is seated together.

Have A Way To Communicate With and Identify Each Other

Airports can be pretty rowdy, and children love to run around and play. So that no one gets missing, ensure that everyone has devices they can communicate with, moves in pairs, or is dressed in the same attire so that it can be easy to locate each other.

Travelling as a group will always be a fun and adventure-filled experience. Remember to stay together, find ways to identify each other in a crowd, and stay safe while having fun on your journey.