Pets are an important part of life, providing companionship and joy to their owners. Pet care is a minefield of emotions and logistics and nobody has a formula for the success of the human animal bond as all animals, like humans are different to each other. So for those not at home for long periods due to work or other commitments, staying connected with your pet can take time and effort.

The mental health benefits of pet ownership cannot be underestimated and the emotional connection between humans and pets has been a part of our lives for centuries. So how do we ensure that our pets are going to remain as connected to us as we are to them as we go about or everyday life?

As any pet owner knows, there will always be a time in the day when you cannot be together, and for some, this is a worrying time as your beloved animal companion family member is alone, and you have no idea what they are doing.

Are they playing or sleeping or, even worse, tearing the cushions apart? Most importantly to all pet owners, are they able to eat? But what can you do if your pet is desperate for a snack and you are at your best friend’s wedding, for instance? Well, you have to leave food and snacks out for them and hope for the best.

Staying connected with pets when owners are away can be challenging. Fortunately, there are several ways to ensure that your pet is entertained and content while you are out of the house.

Through a combination of technological advancements and creative thinking, it is possible to bridge the gap between you and your beloved pet while away from home. By learning these techniques, one can ensure that they remain close even when apart, creating a sense of belonging in both owner and pet alike and increasing that all-important emotional connection between owner and pet.

When an owner is away from home, their pet’s safety should be paramount. Taking a few precautions can help ensure that pets remain safe and secure while their owners are away. One precaution is to ensure doors and windows are locked before leaving the house.

Never Miss a Moment

A dog with lots of cameras focused on it
Stay connected with you pet with up to date technology

Technology has made it easier to keep in contact with pets when away from home, find out more here. One way is through a pet camera, which allows owners to access live streams or recorded videos of their pets from anywhere at any time.

Pet cameras also come with features such as two-way audio and treat dispensers for interacting remotely with the pet, motion sensors that alert owners to activity near the device, and night vision capabilities for monitoring during dark hours.

Imagine catching every moment of the day without being in the same room. The joy of watching them play and even just sleeping in their favourite spot in front of the fire or on the sofa.

Another way to stay connected is through pet trackers that use GPS technology to monitor the location and activity level of pets while on walks or playing outdoors. Some trackers even have interactive features like virtual fences so owners can set boundaries for where pets can go and receive notifications if those boundaries are crossed. Trackers also usually include calorie counters and other health information about the pet.

Feed Your Pet Remotely

A remote pet feeder
A remote feeder for your pet will help you stay connected

Being out with friends or family on momentous occasions, celebrating a birth or marriage, for instance, is something we all crave and enjoy, but how many times is that precious family time shortened by the need to get home to feed those beautiful bundles of joy?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could remotely feed your furry bundles of joy at the touch of a button and not have to leave that party early? Imagine a device that could be programmed to dispense treats automatically, give you the opportunity for physical care.

A remote feeding system is one way to stay connected with your pet when you are not home. These systems come in various shapes and sizes, allowing for easy installation of food and water bowls that can be operated remotely from any location.

The most common remote feeder is the automatic feeder, which dispenses food at pre-programmed times throughout the day. This allows owners to ensure their pets have access to fresh meals regularly while away. Additionally, some models feature voice recording capabilities so owners can record personalized messages or commands for their pet to hear each time it eats.

Peace of Mind

Having peace of mind when away from home is key to staying connected with a pet. Knowing that your pet is safe and comfortable whilst you are away from them is a comfort that all owners crave, and if you can view them or hear them, then that peace of mind would be priceless. Add to that the ability to feed them at specific times of the day, and you have the ultimate in pet ownership.

One of the most significant benefits of pet cameras is that they provide a sense of security for cat and dog owners who are away from their pets for extended periods of time. These cameras are great for full-time pet owners who can’t go home to let their dogs out or walk them during the day.

Automated feeders provide pets with food or treats at specific intervals throughout the day without requiring the owner’s physical presence. Access to these devices also allows owners to watch for any unusual behaviours that may indicate distress or illness.
Having all bases covered even when you are apart will provide the knowledge that your beloved pet is safe and happy.

Additionally, hiring a professional pet sitter while away can help alleviate some stressors associated with being away from home. Pet sitters provide companionship and assurance that someone is checking in on the pet throughout the absence period.

Benefits For Your Pet

Two dogs smiling
Every owner wants a happy pet

Pet cameras can help play an integral role in diagnosing, managing, and treating a pet’s separation anxiety. Many dogs, in particular, suffer from separation anxiety; therefore, communicating with them through Smart technology is just one way to alleviate this potential issue.

Because dogs are social animals, it is not natural for them to be away from their social group or you for long periods. However, most dogs can be left alone with no problems.
That said, even if you own a pet with none of these types of issues, the mere fact that they know you are there for them will significantly increase their ability to settle into your home and make it feel like their home much sooner than without any outside help.

Any tool that gives you access to their lives will enhance your strong connection to them and give you an insight into a daily routine you may have yet to be aware of. Seeing how the family pet behaves when nobody is watching may also help with training and obedience issues that we all, as pet owners, need help and advice on from time to time.

How Long Can You Leave Certain Pets Alone?

The amount of time certain pets can be left alone varies, depending on the species. Cats, for example, are typically independent and self-sufficient animals, able to find their own food, entertainment, and comfort when their owners are not present.

Generally speaking, cats can spend up to 8 hours a day without human company; however, some may require more or less attention than others due to individual personalities and stress levels.

Dogs also have varying needs regarding how much they need the people around them. Most breeds of dogs would benefit from at least one hour of quality interaction with a trusted companion daily. Without this social contact, many will become bored and lonely quickly as they form strong bonds with their family members.

Some smaller breeds may even require two or three short walks per day if separated from their loved ones for extended periods. Young puppies need extra attention and should not be left a full working day alone.

Other than the popular dog or cat, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters and other pets need feeding, attention and unconditional love most owners give. Animal studies show that they can get lonely without human interaction, even suffering from mental illness and disorders like depression and PTSD.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Ways To Keep My Pet Entertained When I’m Away?

Creating a stimulating environment for your pet is vital. If you have an indoor cat, consider investing in interactive toys like feather wands or laser pointers; cats love chasing things! Providing scratching posts, puzzle feeders, and other objects will also keep them occupied for hours.

What Are The Signs Of Pet Separation Anxiety?

Animals can suffer from separation anxiety when their owners are away for long periods of time. Signs of pet separation anxiety may include excessive barking, depression, aggression towards other animals or humans, urinating and defecating inside the house or on furniture, increased vocalization, pacing back and forth, destructive behaviour such as chewing furniture or shoes, hiding under beds or in closets, lack of appetite, restlessness or hyperactivity.

Are There Any Health Risks Associated With Leaving My Pet Alone For Extended Periods Of Time?

When a pet owner leaves their animal alone for extended periods, there are potential health risks associated with it. Being aware of these before leaving your pet unsupervised for long durations is essential. Separation anxiety can manifest in many forms and has been linked to physical ailments such as gastrointestinal distress, depression, and even heart disease.

Are There Any Pet-Sitters Available If I Need To Be Away For An Extended Period Of Time?

Pet-sitting services vary depending on the area but typically involve checking in on pets throughout the day or staying overnight at the owner’s residence. Some offer additional services such as dog walking, bathing, feeding, administering medication, and playing with the animal. Pet-sitters must understand what is expected of them before taking on any job. They should also have experience handling various types of animals to ensure safety and comfort for both parties involved.

Cat and dog being connected by love
Pets can improve our emotional well-being too


Several options are available when deciding how to stay connected with a pet when away. Ensuring the pet’s safety and well-being while providing entertainment and comfort during absence is necessary.

To begin, it is essential to recognize signs of separation anxiety so that necessary steps can be taken early on. Proper health monitoring should also be considered to avoid any potential risks associated with leaving an animal alone for extended periods.

Additionally, technology such as cameras or apps may be utilized to monitor activity from afar. Lastly, if needed, professional pet-sitters can provide companionship and care for pets when owners must be away for extended periods of time. Considering these precautions, pets can remain safe and entertained even when their owners are not home.