Property for sale and investment in Dubai

Dubai is a great place to live and do business. Here you will find the cleanest beaches, picturesque landscapes, the luxury of a modern metropolis with affordable infrastructure, and endless opportunities for a comfortable pastime.

Villas and houses in Emaar South are a popular real estate format in Dubai. There are more than 6000 villas for sale here, each of which is individual in design, location, and size. There are options for every taste: from laconic houses in a modern style emphasizing minimalism to luxurious villas with expensive décor and exquisite designer furniture. The cost of a house in DubaiUnited Arab Emirates, may vary depending on the property’s area, size, and individual characteristics.

If you are looking for luxury accommodation, you should pay attention to Dubai houses in the following areas:

  • Arabian Races;
  • Damac Hills;
  • Mohammed Bin Rashid City;
  • Jumeirah Golf Estate;
  • Dubai Hills.

These are thriving communities known for their exceptional combination of luxury and comfort.

Those who prefer to enjoy the beauty of the Persian Gulf can buy a villa in Dubai by the sea on the Palm Jumeirah islands. Here are some of the most stunning homes and the best hotels in the UAE.

If you are interested in a quiet place to relax with the whole family, you can buy an Arab house in Dubai in the Mudon area. This is a gated family community with an exclusive collection of villas close to the emirate’s key recreation areas.

Profitability of Residential Real Estate

Uncertain profitability of elite residential real estate in Dubai. This type of real estate has been in a situation of gradual price reduction for more than a decade due to a constant oversupply. The pandemic has only exacerbated the existing problem. On the one hand, such a position is advantageous.

Buying luxury real estate at low prices is a good option for investors. However, such an acquisition comes from the consideration of the rapid growth of the sector and profit based on the difference in the purchase and resale price of the object. And therein lies the main problem. Emirates luxury real estate has shown exceptional growth resilience among other global markets.

Some changes only started happening in July 2021. Prices for villas for sale in Dubai began to rise and quickly. Accounting for only 13% of the entire residential real estate market, this segment showed growth of 7% QoQ and 6.3% y/y. This type of property is more often bought than rented. You can now buy it at a low price now and expect prices to rise in the future.

High yield of family villas and apartments. The sector of family villas and apartments is the most popular among investors. Thus, from 2013 to the present moment, the average prices in the sector have increased from 81,700 to 217,800 US dollars.

Large apartments also continue to exist due to high rental demand. In the current market, and due to the reduction in the influx of foreign investors, the prices of these properties have fallen but remain profitable. One other thing worth noting is that this segment allows you to earn on resale in addition to earning from rent.

This is a recent trend in the market and exist because of two reasons: the increasing popularity of lease-purchase contracts and the low mortgage rates. Large apartments meet this demand, and affordable mortgages allow more people to move from renting to buying property.

Overall, 40% of all Dubai real estate transactions were made with a mortgage. The primary sector is residential real estate, apartments, and villas.

Low-interest rates from the Central Bank of the UAE allowed banks to increase lending by 5%, reducing the deposit requirement from 25% to 20% for those who take such a mortgage for the first time.

Wealthy investors and ex-pats are gradually returning to the Emirates market, but new investors also play a significant role. They are not as wealthy, but they are very interested in the market. New investors, numbering over 11,000 in the first half of 2022, are now the main driving force in the villa market.

Property in Dubai

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