Leather as a material has been used since palaeolithic times. In fact, it’s one of humankind’s earliest, and most useful discoveries. Leather is actually a by-product of the meat industry, cattle are raised for their meat, not their hides and so is a more ethical material than you might have realised.

Its soft and supple texture is far kinder to our own skin than synthetic materials, and in the modern world it has become synonymous with style and luxury. If you’re looking to build your closet with long-lasting, high-end staples then here are five leather items you absolutely need to invest in.woman in leather jacket


Coming in at number one is of course, a leather jacket. The epitome of cool, chic and stylish. Thanks to our favourite stylish actors, leather jackets have been popular since the 50’s and still just as loved and coveted today. If you go for a classic cut then you’ll be able to wear it year in, year out. If you fancy hopping on a trend then instead of the usual short and fitted style, how about something cropped, or oversized and baggy?

One of 2022’s leather jacket trends includes the leather blazer, there are all kinds of fun directions you can go in with them depending on your personal style and preferences. Leather jackets can go with pretty much any outfit, even those you might not expect. For example, how about adding a bit of edge to a pretty sundress with a leather jacket and boots? An absolute wardrobe essential for both genders and all ages, and well worth the investment. 


A watch with a classic leather band strap simply cannot be beat. Smart, elegant, durable- you really can’t go wrong like this Opal Watch.. If you find that you experience skin irritation with cheaper materials then going with leather is likely to solve the issue.. If you’re in the market for a nice new timepiece then definitely consider one with a leather strap.


Our footwear really takes a beating, it has to endure our steps all day across different surfaces and is exposed to all kinds of weather. For this reason, when you invest in a good pair of boots or shoes then you want them to last. Leather fits the bill perfectly, it’s durable and when it’s treated or waxed then it becomes resistant against water and other liquids. As well as being a naturally strong material, leather is also very comfortable.

wardrode essentials

Trousers and/ or Skirt

Finally, a pair of trousers and/ or a skirt in leather can be a fantastically stylish piece that you can enjoy for decades. While such a piece might seem like a huge statement item, the way you style it means either trousers or a skirt could easily be toned down for all kinds of occasions. Black leather trousers or a skirt paired with a black blazer and a smart white shirt for example could work for all kinds of formal occasions. Pair that same piece with heels and a bright top and you have the perfect clubbing outfit!

What leather items do you have in your closet?