Summer is a great time for children, with most kids in the UK getting approximately 6 weeks off school.

While kids love the summer holidays, many parents dread them, as they’ve got to come up with a wide range of activities to keep their offspring entertained for more than a month.

If you don’t give your children lots of varied and engaging activities to do, then they might get bored and become disruptive or aggravated.

Also, they won’t make the most of this valuable time off they have from their busy school schedules. While it’s tempting to sit them down in front of the TV or with a good book, trying to find activies for them to do is best.

These activities will keep them happy and allow you to bond with your children during their time away from school.

Still, as a parent, you’ve got your own wellbeing and other responsibilities to think about, so it can be hard to come up with, plan, organise and host a range of different activities for your children each day throughout the summer break.

Thankfully, we’ve come up with a selection of fun and interesting summer activities that kids of all ages will enjoy. Keep reading to find out more.

Make Learning Fun With Summer School

If your kids need extra help learning valuable skills, such as English, then you could consider sending them to a summer school in London for kids. SKOLA offers unique cultural experiences in the heart of London and helps kids to immerse themselves in the English language and learn valuable new skills while having fun. So, if your children need to improve their English skills, then this summer school could be the perfect solution for them. There are parent and child options or student-only courses for independent kids.

baking with kids

Get Baking To Make Tasty Treats

Children love baked goods, whether it’s tasty cakes or crumbly biscuits. Whatever your kids like eating, you can make it with them to allow them to learn and keep them out of trouble for a few hours. Whether you want simple recipes or something more complicated, you can choose the baked items that you want to create. Make sure you supervise your children closely, particularly younger ones, to make sure they’re safe. Making tasty baked goods and snacks is good fun, and you get to eat at the end of the activity, so it’s a win-win situation!

Teach Them To Mend

Children love creative activities they can do with their hands, which is why crafts are so popular among parents and kids alike. While crafts are fun, and can be a great way to keep your kids occupied, you could also consider teaching them valuable skills, such as how to mend items you have around your home. So, if you have anything that is broken and needs fixing, you could invite your kids to help you mend it or just watch. Younger children can pass over tools, while older kids can actively get involved and help you to fix things. Teaching your kids to mend household items, whether it’s clothing or appliances, can be a useful life skill and also allow you to do your own chores while you hang out with your kids.

Learn About New Music

Music is important for children and can aid their development. Still, it’s easy to hate traditional children’s music, particularly the songs that are repetitive and inane (we’re looking at you, Baby Shark). Thankfully, kids of all ages can listen to a wide range of songs, as long as their lyrics don’t contain any rude words. So, consider playing your children a variety of tunes and getting them involved in sing-a-longs. You’ll all be able to have fun together and learn about new styles and genres of music at the same time.

Try Sports Outside

In the warm weather, it’s great to get outdoors and be active. For children, it’s important that they get regular exercise and the chance to play games with other kids their own age. So, it would help if you tried to encourage your children to play sports outside. Whether it’s a local kick-about at a park near your home or a local club that has outdoor sporting facilities, you should explore all your options to allow your kids to play sports outside. Sending your children to play outside can also be a great way to get some alone time, so you can relax after a long day looking after your boisterous little ones.

Having a selection of fun summer activities planned means that your kids will always have something to do during the holidays, and you won’t be scrambling around trying to make last-minute plans. These ideas should help you to find some inspiration and start planning the perfect summer holiday for you and your beloved children.