Are you expecting, or just needing to update the kids’ room? Well, when it comes to kids, there are more factors to think of than simply aesthetic. There are the practicalities of it, the child’s effect on the flooring and the flooring’s effect on the child. Do you want something you’ll have to maintain to perhaps instil some responsibility in chores or something soft to avoid bumps and bruises in an active child?

Chances are, whatever your worries, there will be a solution. For example, you can get a great range of looks from the collection of Wood Floor Warehouse click vinyl, which is a waterproof solution for the creative child that has a lot of pain spillages.

If you’re having trouble nailing down what flooring option you’re looking for, read on for a complete guide to flooring options so you can make an informed decision.

a kid plays in a Child's PlayroomLaminate flooring

Laminate flooring is the middle ground between solid wood floor and vinyl. It looks like solid wood flooring and yet can withstand a lot more damage than solid wood options would. It won’t scratch as much as solid wood flooring does, and it won’t be as likely to warp in the heat and humidity, which will be useful to a kid who is always moving toys and furniture around their room.

It can come in waterproof options, but for the majority of options, laminate does not like water. Spillages will need to be cleaned immediately to avoid damage and mopping to keep it clean isn’t a good idea.

But it can come in a range of colours and tones to suit your, or your child’s, style. Try the coloured Dimas wood look for a style that will hide a multitude of sins or go for a cool-toned stone grey to go with a white playroom.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring comes with all the perks of laminate flooring with a few distinct differences. The first is that it is a lot softer. This can make it a great option for playrooms as bumps won’t be so punishing. Plus, it is very hard to scratch and won’t warp as laminate and solid wood floors would in humidity.

Also, because it is LVT flooring, it is waterproof. This has made it a great option for bathrooms and playrooms. Spills will no longer be a problem and clean up can be as simple as running a mop around the room.

You can get vinyl that imitates wood, in a range of tones and colours, and vinyl that imitates tiles for the bathroom, and even vinyl that imitates marble to suit every style. Plus, vinyl, like laminate flooring, is very simple to install with their click-in system that you can even do yourself.

baby on woodflooringEngineered wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring is the middle ground between solid wood and laminate flooring. It gives the look and feel of a solid wood floor, with improved stability, which means they will be easy to install with click installation.

This is a good affordable alternative to solid wood flooring if you are interested in making your child’s floor match the rest of the home and keep your house’s value up.