When we decided to test out the best available meat thermometers in the market, we questioned the value of the Meater Plus when others were a fraction of the price. But we picked it as the best wireless smart meat thermometer of the bunch.

Our initial preconception was that the Meater+ was an expensive luxury, but we were so wrong. It’s actually a brilliant piece of kit for the beginner. A professional chef might find a visual display on a thermometer in the oven handier. But for the novice it enables them to use an app for exactly how long to cook it for, and how long to leave the meat to rest. For the amateur cooking meat, you never need to guess again on the doneness., if that is even a word.

We’ve all been guilty of overcooking meat, and on occasion, some of us have also undercooked when cooking chicken that had not fully defrosted. The thermometer stops this from happening, and the Meater plus even tells you exactly how long to cook the cuts for to ensure succulent and juicy meats each and every time. And this can be when you are roasting or grilling using internal and ambient temperatures.

zero guess work mob What is the Meater plus?

The Meater+ is a wireless Bluetooth meat thermometer that can be used in the oven, BBQ or grill to aid you to cook meat until the target temperature.

The product comes with two sensors; one for measuring the meat’s internal temperature while measuring the outside temperature. The measured temperature is then fed onto the free Meater application, which is available for Android and iOS.

On the app you can select the internal meat temperature, and even be given the time by selecting the right meat and cut. The companion app and figure out the cooking time in real-time which would eventually be notified to you via your phone, and you would know when the food is ready.

This digital meat thermometer can be used almost anywhere you cook, be it inside your stove or grill or smoker! All you need to be is within 50m of the signal to get a clear reading.

meater plus in honey or brown sugar
The Meater Plus bamboo box in either Brown Sugar (L) or Honey (R)

The Meater comes in a distinctive bamboo box in either Honey or Brown Sugar colour, that also serves as a charger and Bluetooth extender so make sure that you do not throw it away! The measurements of the box are 6.1″ x 1.4″ x 1.1″, and it weighs only 3.5 ounces. The charging station is very light and comfortable to use, and swish enough to take pride of place in the kitchen.

There is an LED light present which would notify you whenever the meat thermometer is fully charged by showing a green light. When you first receive the product, make sure that you charge it for four hours before using it for cooking the perfect meat for your family!

The Master Plus, however, does not come with an on or off switch. If you remove the Meater probe from the charger, it will turn on, and if you place it back in the charger, it will automatically turn off and charge.

On the bottom of the casing is a magnetic cover for the single AAA battery that can be charged up to 100 times with one single AAA battery and one single charge can last up to 24 hours.

The box is also magnetic since the probe needs to be within 10 feet or less so can attach to the oven or fridge. The thermometer features LED Bluetooth 4.0 and measure 130 mm in length and 6 mm in diameter. It has stainless steel, and ceramic construction allows the product to be dishwasher safe, so is easy to clean. The line located near the middle of the probe needs to be about an inch inside from the thickest part of the meat you are cooking.

The box is used as a signal repeater which extends your Bluetooth LE 4.0 wireless connection. The full link can be extended up to 165 feet. Whenever you do not require to use the Meater Plus, you can stick the box to any wall, and the thermometer would be fully charged whenever you use it next time. The magnets on the box make this product easy to store since they can be attached to a refrigerator or any magnetic surface of your choice.

The Meater Plus Meat Thermometer Review with meater probe
The Meater Plus

The Meater Probe App

The Master application can be installed on your Android smartphone, iPhone app or other smart device and could be complicated for the novice. It will provide you with complete details on how to operate the application. You need to enable Bluetooth and location when connecting your phone with the device, and for us initially, was a struggle to recognise it. This was simply because we did not take it out of the box so the probe was not on to connect.

The application will tell you about your product’s firmware and eventually let you know about whenever there is an update available. It might take an hour or so for an update, but it depends on the firmware for the Meater Plus.

Once all of the initial setups were done, it is time to set up the cook. Initially, it would show the room temperature and once you insert the probe deep inside the meat and get the accurate reading within some moments of the internal temperature.

In the app you can then select the meat from Beef, Pork, Poultry, Lamb, Fish or other which covers Venison, Reindeer, Moose, Buffalo, Ostrich, Mutton, Kangaroo, Goat. With each meat there is variations such as steak or roast, and further cut options. It really breaks it down simply.

Once you select what you are cooking, then it gives you a recommended temperature plus the standard serving options of Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, Well done, or Fall Apart for pulled pork.

You then simply put the meat in the oven and let the probe do its thing in either degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. It can take 20 minutes for the estimated cooking time to calculate which is based on temperature rise over a set period of time. This will take longer if you have not pre-heated the often correctly.

The app will notify you when there are 5 minutes left, and then give you a time to let the meat rest. This does make it difficult to correctly match the timings with sides like roast potatoes, but you do get used to it.

Important point, the sensor won’t connect to your phone if you are out of wireless range. But this just means you will need to time any walk  or excursion based on the estimated time time left.

What is good about the phone app is it records previous cooks in the Meater cloud so if you have a particularly stunning result, you can replicate. And it turns out, resting the meat until the right final temperature is pretty critical.

The Meater Plus Thermometer Review Conclusion

In summary, we love this wireless meat thermometer that has helped us to deliver restaurant-quality meat. It’s taken the guesswork out of cooking, and we’ve used it on every Sunday roast and can credit it for a sublime Christmas Turkey. For us, it’s well worth the money as we’ve not had dry and overcooked meat since. Prior to using it, I had no idea how much I need an ambient temperature sensor in my kitchen.

Where to buy Meater thermometer

You can buy the Meater probe and Meater Plus directly on the Meater.com website or via big retailers like Amazon for the MEATER Plus or MEATER Original. For the professional chef, you can even buy a block set with 4 probes.

Is the Meater probe dishwasher safe?
Yes, you can put both the Meater and Meater Plus probe in the dishwasher. The probe, however, is water-resistant and not waterproof. So it is recommended that it is not left submerged in water for long periods of time.
How to clean meater thermometer?
For best results clean the Meater probe after every use in warm soapy water or the dishwasher. The probe needs to be clear of food debris to ensure it charges.

It is not recommended to leave the probe in water for a long period of time.

How to use the Meater plus

We’ve given some details above but this video direct from the team at Meator does give a great overview.