Following on from Matt Kelly’s poem for the NHS, comes an ode direct from the frontline dealing with coronavirus patients. Glasgow Nurse Sarah Pirie wrote this after losing a patient and is sharing it in the hope of encouraging people to stay home.

Sarah said writing it down helped her deal with her experiences at work and how quickly a covid patient can deteriorate and how sad it is when their friends and family can’t say goodbye.

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A poem by NHS Nurse Sarah Pirie

Tonight I held you,
As I fought back the tears,
And grieved for your family,
That have loved you for years.

You became unwell,
There was nothing we could do.
We watched you through the window
And we increased your O2.

I called your family,
To see if anyone could attend.
Your family needed to know
That this was the end.

But this virus is terrifying,
And people are shielding.
How can they be there
When Covid is so unyielding?

I held your hand,
I wiped your face,
My gloved hand on your skin,
As your breathing slows pace.

You’d still smile behind your mask,
And I’d try smile back.
To comfort and reassure you,
Is now my one and only task.

Your family called
To say their goodbyes.
We stood with the phone,
And listened to their cries.

With tears rolling down our faces,
Into the masks we all wear.
We really wanted to help them
And show them we care.

We woke you up,
So you could hear their voice.
We described your actions,
We had no other choice.

Their words filled with sorrow,
Their hearts layed bare.
They wanted the time,
To show you, they care.

You looked peaceful,
And smiled at their call.
I hope it brought you comfort,
Standing there took my all.

We deal with death,
But not like this,
No family allowed,
To give one last kiss.

But the next family will need us,
We will need to do the same.
I hope I gave you good care,
And I will always remember your name.