The arrival of the pandemic in 2020 caused chaos for businesses with the adjustment to remote working being a major issue for many. Lots of businesses were not prepared to make the switch to remote work and many business managers have little to no experience in managing remote employees, so when entire teams are working from home it is understandable if there have been some challenges and issues along the way. As the pandemic continues in 2021 and many companies planning to continue with remote work even once it ends, it is helpful to be aware of a few tips for managing remote teams which could help to overcome these challenges and enjoy the many perks that remote work can bring.

Invest in Tools, Software and Equipment

First, you can’t expect to manage teams effectively if they do not have access to high-quality remote tools, software and equipment. Having access to things like screen sharing software and ensuring that staff have office equipment at home can help them to overcome many of the common challenges and work to the best of their ability each day.

Use a Cloud App Security Broker

In addition to the tools, software and equipment, you also need to consider cybersecurity as this can be a concern when it comes to cloud computing. A Cloud App Security Broker like Proofpoint (click here for more info) can provide protection as third-party services and platforms creating vulnerabilities for enterprise data, but a CASB can strengthen your security posture with cloud app governance and data protection so that you and your team can work with confidence.

Tips for Managing Remote Teams

Determine Preferred Communication Method

Everyone has different ways of working and it is important to respect these in order to get the most out of your team. This is why it is smart to identify what the preferred form of communication is with each team member – some might prefer a hands-off approach where the occasional email will suffice while others may want to check in with a video call multiple times a day.

Provide Regular Support, Encouragement and Feedback

Working from home can bring many perks, but one issue which many people report is feeling disconnected and isolated (especially during the pandemic). This is why as a manager it is so important for you to provide regular support, encouragement and feedback so that people can feel connected and know that they are performing to a high standard.

Provide Opportunities for Social Interaction

Leading on from this, as a manager you should also provide opportunities for social interaction for your team. Working from home can be isolating and with people limited as to what they can do socially right now, it is hugely important that you take steps to look after your team’s mental health and wellbeing. This could involve spending a few minutes having informal chats when checking in as well as organising team social video calls – you can even replicate after-work drink and have items sent to their home to enjoy on the call.

Hopefully, this post will help you to manage your remote team and enjoy the benefits that WFH can bring to all parties.