We can all agree that there’s nothing more satisfying than finishing your work and being able to check it off your to-do list. But sometimes, it feels like there are always more tasks to conquer, and they just seem to take forever.

With the right office stationery on hand, though, you can get those jobs done in no time at all and move on to bigger and better things in your day. Office Choice office supplies will make your life easier, and before you know it, your to-do list will be as clear as ever.

Dry erase markers

A staple for meeting room walls and lectures, there’s no getting around how important dry erase markers are to the modern office. But all dry-erase markers are not created equal. There’s a significant difference between cheap and quality, both in cost and features, with cheaper markers sometimes being hard to see, or less durable than higher-end brands.

Programmable Thermostat

A Programmable Thermostat can regulate the temperature in your office, home, or any other place. This means that you don’t have to worry about remembering to adjust the thermostat manually before you leave the house in the morning. Some thermostats will let you program them remotely and then change the temperatures for different times of the day automatically, so you’ll always be comfortable at work and home.

They’re great for people who run their businesses from their homes because they’re less likely to forget to change the thermostat if they are traveling. A Thermostat also saves energy and money since it doesn’t need to heat or cool an entire house when it’s just occupied by one person, which is a much more efficient use of resources.

Office Supplies for home

Small printer

One of the first things that people start to go through when starting a new job is the purchasing of supplies. These will include everything from paperclips and staplers to a coffee machine or stationary.

A small printer is an incredibly useful item for anyone who does more than occasional printing at work, whether it’s printing invoices or shipping labels. It not only takes up less space on your desk than a full-sized printer, but they can be cheaper in the long run due to reduced power usage and larger ink cartridges which make them less expensive to operate. Plus you never have to worry about running out of paper.

Phone Stand

A lot of us rely on our phones as our assistants; constantly checking social media and staying up to date with the latest events in the world. To do this, we need to have access to our devices at all times- which is often hard when they’re plugged into chargers or flat on a desk.

So how can you get your phone off the ground and upright? Simple; invest in a phone stand. Several different types of stands will suit different needs, like models with built-in USB ports or clips that are magnetic. Whatever your situation may be, there’s an option for you.

Phone Stand

Extension cord management system

A simple way to keep your home or office tidy is by creating an extension cord management system. Instead of taping your cords together, tie them in a knot at the ends. Then, you can choose a spot where they come together and tie another knot.

You can also wrap it around furniture or something else stationary to be more secure. This helps prevent accidentally unplugging things when someone pulls on an extension cord and avoids tangles that often happen when not managed properly.

Nylon bag with multiple compartments

A nylon bag with multiple compartments is a great solution for keeping office supplies, reference books, and other materials handy and organized. A nylon tote bag also comes in different sizes so you can find one that’s the perfect size for what you need. The smaller bags are perfect for carrying a laptop or tablet.

The tote bag comes with seven interior pockets and four exterior pockets that can be used for pens, paper clips, highlighters, or notebooks. The best part is that you can use this as your personal space to keep things together because nobody will touch your stuff.

Clipboard organizers

A clipboard is essential to make sure that you’re always able to take important notes. With a clipboard, you can also collect sheets of paper as they become available, which helps to reduce clutter. For those who travel or work with others who may not share a workspace, it’s important to have two clipboards: one at your desk and one in your backpack.

When the need arises for something that you don’t have with you, or when someone needs something from their desk while they’re out of the office, all someone has to do is find the corresponding piece of paper on their clipboard and take it to your desk – that way everyone’s notes are organized neatly together.

Magnetic paperclips

Magnetic paperclips are a simple, yet handy office supply that will make your life easier. First of all, they’re much less likely to get lost when you aren’t looking. If you prefer to keep them in one place on your desk, just attach some magnetic tape under the desk and put them wherever you like.

They also have the bonus of being able to hold up those receipts or other important papers that are too small for staples or tape, again saving space and time.

led desk lamp

Flexible LED desk lamp

A flexible LED desk lamp is a versatile item that will help illuminate your workspace. The bendable arm allows you to point the light right where you need it, and the sleek base is less likely to get in the way.

The lamp has two brightness settings as well as a USB port so you can plug in your phone or tablet. Plus, it’s available in five different colours.

Desk calendar organizer

Start by sitting down to organize your desk. If you don’t have a whole bunch of papers just lying around, then it should be a quick task. Find any loose papers and file them away neatly in the appropriate folder or put them away altogether if they are simply no longer needed. Next, pick up the small things that get lost on your desk like pens, paperclips, notepads, and paper for mailings.

Put these items in containers that are large enough to contain them but small enough to fit on your desk without creating a mess. Lastly, place anything you use regularly in an easily accessible spot on your desks such as a phone or laptop.


At the end of the day, if you’re thinking about starting a new business, make sure you have all of your bases covered with the right office furniture. Get yourself an office and load it up with all of these awesome supplies that will simplify your life.