Anyone who wants to start their business knows first-hand that it comes with a huge amount of additional running costs. Entrepreneurs avidly absorb information by reading informative articles, looking for information on how to invest the least and become successful quickly. The biggest expense is the purchase of advanced software that will help make the team’s work easier.

However, oftentimes, small business owners hire a small team of professionals to perform multiple tasks. Until the business starts to thrive, companies cannot invest in expensive software that may not pay off. Some things are essential, like accounting software. But some free business software can really improve efficiencies.

Entrepreneurs need business help to understand what to invest in right away and what to save on. Fortunately, there is now no shortage of tools to help you achieve your business goals at no extra cost.

You can find free software, as well as a free app for accounting, communication, task management, and more. The Internet is full of free tools for email marketing campaigns, tools like Microsoft Office, a suite of apps for working with documents, as well as tools such as a screen recorder to train employees to work with software.

We will tell you about useful tools and free small business software in various categories that you can use free of charge. Most of them are not inferior to expensive software or business applications.


Managing tasks


In the work of each company, it is essential to establish tracking of the implementation of work processes with project management software. Since each employee performs certain tasks, the owner needs to be aware of how things are progressing. In this regard, you cannot do without a task manager, which can help you easily manage tasks.

Here you can create tasks in real time, assign them to employees, set deadlines, and track progress. With a team of fewer than fifteen people, you can use this tool for free.


This is an alternative, which is a work management app that helps in the collaboration of all employees. When starting a new project, you can create boards by adding various cards, as well as to-do lists and tasks. It is easy to use and you do not have to spend a lot of time figuring out what’s what. Assign tasks to employees, mark deadlines, as well as the degree of importance of tasks, and much more.

Video making

Movavi Screen Recorder

Knowing how to record your screen on Mac or Windows is one of the most useful things for businesses. With a screen recorder, you can create video tutorials for training new employees, record various webinars, as well as conferences or video chat conversations with clients so that you can review them at your convenience. The tool allows you to record the full screen, a part of the screen, or a specific window.


Companies are now emphasizing the development of a video marketing strategy, as users are much more willing to watch short videos than read informative descriptions and long articles. In such cases, you need a simple and easy-to-use video editor with a wide variety of features. With this tool, you can create clips about your products, publish how-to clips, guides, customer testimonials, etc.

google workspace


Google Workspace

Content creation usually involves several employees. If earlier everyone used Microsoft Word, which is not suitable for collaboration, now teams use cloud workspace for free. Teams create projects and share them with other employees, where they can leave comments, make edits, and more.


Another option is an advanced workspace that becomes your notebook, where you can create various documents, and to-do lists, mark ideas and take notes. In addition, the service offers to add images, scan documents, and create spreadsheets. It can also be used by several participants who can make edits.

Document management

Google Drive

Now companies don’t need offices where all important files will be located, because teams can work remotely and access any files they need using a free cloud drive. All files can be sorted into folders, and you can organize various documents and share them with colleagues using links. You no longer need to search for documents for a long time, because you can find files using the search bar.


You can also manage documents using the file hosting service. Unlike Google Drive, if companies use it in conjunction with Google Workspace, then teams can both create content and work together on any changes and all work will be stored on the drive, then this service only serves as a high-end file system.

You can grant access to files to certain employees who can leave their comments. This service is especially concerned with providing security protection for the reliable operation of companies.


Team communication


Users have a huge number of instant messengers for communication. However, not all of them are suitable as working messengers. This corporate messenger offers everything you need for employee communication. Users can view who’s online to quickly contact a colleague. Moreover, they can send reminders, create channels for specific tasks, receive timely notifications, use helpful bots, and much more.

Google Meet

Video conferencing has become an essential part of the lives of remote teams. With a robust video meeting platform, you can create an unlimited number of meetings with multiple users, set up subtitles, attend meetings using any device, share your screen, and also exchange messages.

online signing docs

Creating an electronic signature


Now you can forget about sending documents to employees who need to print them to put their signatures. This sign-maker eliminates paperwork by allowing you to digitally sign your documents without having to print them. It is reliable and stable, which allows you to clear the clutter of documents much faster.


This is another digital signature service that offers a free plan so you can see the benefits of the service. With the free version, you can send five files for signature per month, which is great for most small businesses. Your task is only to upload the document, mark the places where the signature should be, and send it to another user.


Small business owners can save big by using a wide variety of software, online tools, and free business apps. You can find free software for any task, whether it is task management, video making, teamwork, document management, team communication, and electronic signing of documents.