Over the past few years, businesses have been slowly moving to digital business cards. That’s because even with the paper economy shrinking, physical business cards can still be quite wasteful and often end up in the bin before doing exactly what it is meant to; getting your contact details in your clients phone.

It’s much easier to share your contact information digitally like Tapt, which puts the vital data right into their phones. And it also means you can save money on printing and shipping costs while giving potential customers an easier way to connect with you.

How do Digital Business Cards work?

contactless business card

It works just like contactless payments. All you need is one single digital business card in your purse or wallet, then simply put it near the desired phone and the NFC (Near-field Communication) and QR code technology does the rest and delivers all your business and contact details to that device instantly.
You can even add them to your apple wallet for smooth transition, perfect for those elevator pitches when time is at a premium.

Why are Digital Business Cards Better than Physical Cards?

A digital business card is a great way to make a professional impression without seeming rigid. There’s more room to customize and make personal connections with electronic business cards than there is with a traditional one.

Plus, an electronic business card is environmentally friendly and eliminate the hassle of getting your card lost or misplaced. It shows any potential client you care about your carbon footprint and are tech-savvy.

Virtual business cards can be customized in different ways so that they better represent who you are as an individual and what your personality is like too. That way people will know they’re connecting with someone they’ll enjoy speaking with regularly.

businessmen air dropping digital business cards
businesspeople air dropping contact details

They Save Time and Money

If you still carry around a physical business card, you might be wasting your time and money. A digital business card is more versatile because it can be changed as often as necessary without a need for a reprint.

Want to change a phone number? Just update it on your account and no one will know about the swap unless they check for themselves.

A smart business card improve chances of contact

Paper business cards are great, but they have one major downside: they only last until they’re in someone’s hands and rely on them inputting that data into their phone. And the data is not limited to fixed space on a car, so you can get all your social media links across as well as phone number and email address.

Digital business cards, on the other hand, will stay with them in their phone or email inbox helping you stay in touch with your connections long after a face-to-face meeting.

Why Every Millennial Should Use a Mobile App Instead of Printing Off Paper Cards

Paper business cards may seem quaint and anachronistic to some, but I can assure you that it doesn’t matter how you package your message. In the current digital age, paper business cards are no longer sufficient to connect with others.

Today’s companies and people are turning to mobile apps to create digital business cards so they can go green, have a professional-looking representation, share links quickly, and give out their contact information in a convenient way.

Small businesses also like them because they offer lower printing costs than hard copies.


It is 2022 and using paper is outdated. We’ve transition from letters to emails, so contactless business cards are natural evolution too.  There are many benefits to transitioning away from paper that will convince you.

With the ease to share digital business cards they are more flexible with information than traditional ones, easier to create and deliver than their physical counterparts, less expensive, more environmentally friendly, and more mobile-friendly. They also give a great first impression of how you do business; efficiently and smart.