If you now work from home, you may have chosen to use your dining table as an office. Many people have worked this way in recent years. Having some sort of home office space is almost the new normal, and not everyone has a free spare room.

So, if you’re new to the world of working from home you may appreciate a few tips.

Organize Your Dining Table

Whether you have a small kitchen table or one of the best extendable dining tables you need to keep it organized.

Buy some small caddies or stationery holders and place them on your desk. They can help you to have access to your office supplies you need without creating a mess. Additionally, they can be kept elsewhere when you’re not working at your desk.

office chair for working at dining table

Use a Supportive Chair

If you have not worked from home before, chances are you are using dining chairs to work from. They are ideal only for when you want to sit for short periods of time not for working all day long. Chairs such as these can:

  • Can make your back ache if you sit in them too long
  • Can be made better if you attach a memory foam cushion to support your back

Alternatively, you may wish to use a more supportive chair. Any office chair is likely to be less harmful to your back than a dining room chair. Opt for a chair that supports your back in a style that you can store easily.

Use A Table Protector

Many stores and websites that sell office equipment also sell desk/table protectors which are a great idea.

Items such as these can help to prevent wear and tear.

Usually a little larger than a keyboard, a tale protector can also help to keep your table clean.

working on dining room table

Keep Your Monitor At A Good Height

It’s important that you keep your monitor at a good height. Doing so can help to prevent neck and back ache. It can also help to prevent your shoulders from becoming stiff.

Ideally, you will be able to look straight ahead and see your monitor, being mindful of where natural light can reflect on the screen.

However, those who use laptops may find that they’re unable to keep their monitors high up. After all, you need to be able to reach your keyboard.

If you can, buy a separate keyboard that uses Bluetooth to connect to your laptop. This will allow you to keep your laptop screen at a good height. However, you can easily reach your keyboard to type.

Ensure There’s Enough Leg Space

Some dining tables just don’t have enough leg space for everyone.

Some people may find that they’re contending with others for leg space.

However, when you’re sat at the table on your own you should have plenty.

Just make sure that you sit at an area of the table that lets you stretch your legs.

Keeping your legs in one position can cause them to become stiff.

Keep Your Cables Tidy

If you only use a laptop for work then you won’t need to worry too much about cables. However, they may be an issue if:

  • You use a desktop computer
  • You need to use a printer frequently
  • You have separate speakers
  • Your desktop computer has more than one monitor
  • You have other devices that use cables

In situations such as this, you may want to keep your cables tidy. You can do this by using cable organizers, which can stop a tangled mess appearing. These can easily be found online and in stores that sell computer equipment.

Using Dining Table As An Office with kids
Where possible try to separate work and home life

Use A Foot Rest

If you have short legs you may find that working at a desk isn’t always ideal. If you suffer from back pain you may also find that working this way can cause you problems.

Here is where a foot rest can help. A foot rest can make sure that your feet are always at a comfortable height when you work.

Use Wireless Laptop Accessories

When working at your dining table you may find that it takes a while to set things up. If you have to remove your computer from a cupboard, starting work might not be a fast process.

However, using a wireless keyboard and mouse can make life a little easier.

They can help to make the morning set up simple. You won’t have wires to worry about. All that you need to do is switch your computer on and you’re good to go.

Working from your dining table may not always be ideal. However, you can make the process easier on yourself. Use the above tips to help you when you’re using your dining table as a WFH office. They can make life a little easier.