Though we may start out with one vision for our business, we need to accept that circumstances change. There are many ways in which our businesses might evolve, so it is vital that we are able to shift and grow with them and change direction as required. A business rebrand might be just the thing your company needs as it enters a new era. Here are some of the things to help you handle this change without losing your audience and transition successfully.

Establish a Reason for the Rebrand

You need to have a reason for the rebrand instead of just steamrolling ahead. A rebrand is a complete shift in how your company is perceived by the general public so it needs to have logic behind it.

This reason can also help you to grow and establish this new side of the company. Perhaps you started it when you were very young and now wish to mature the brand in the same way you have grown.  The core of your customers could even have changed, and you now wish to align the brand to be closer to your new demographics.

It could be that your product quality if is of a higher standard in your market place and you want to increase your price point. In which case using a luxury PR agency is essential to ensure you don’t alienate your old audience without gaining the new high-value customers critical for transition. They would also be able to help you target your new client base and gain media attention to make it a success. They will also have the experience in your sector so will be able to provide you with a rebranding strategy and step by step approach.

You may need to consider your product and website for this up in quality, and it is possible to use photo editing tips to improve the current imagery rather than reshoot.

Be Consistent

You have to make sure that the rebrand is consistent across all of your platforms. After all, you would not want to update the website but still be trading under your old handles on social media. A rebrand can cost a lot of time and resources, so you need to make sure that you do the launch correctly.

Enlisting the expertise of professionals such as Ice House Design can be beneficial here. They will help to craft the new brand from the ground up, and will then work to ensure that the rollout is consistent so you are able to launch your rebrand with no issues.

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Notify Your Partners

It is rare that a business operates entirely on its own. You are likely to have a wide range of partners who all contribute something vital. Give them a heads up about the rebrand so that they are not left confused as to why this seemingly new business is getting in contact with them. Perhaps even make a marketing video explaining the reasons which is a great way to showcase the new designs.

Likewise, let your customers know that you are rebranding. A quick post on social media is all that it takes, but you could also set up a little competition to drive up some engagement for your launch.

A rebrand for your business can seem like a lot of hard work, but it can come with so many benefits. You need to make sure that you handle this in precisely the right way so you can reap some of the advantages that it will bring. Plan well, and make sure that you have a strategy in place so that the launch of the new branding goes as smoothly as can be!