Photography is a fantastic skill, whether you’re doing it as a career or simply as a fun hobby. However, there is a lot of knowledge, expertise, and work that goes into becoming a photographer. If you’re a total novice then this article is for you. We’ve put together some of the essential starting steps to get you on your way to becoming the next Rankin.

  1. Build Your Kit

Buying a camera goes without saying but you’ll also need other items in your kit bag. You’ll need lenses (think macro, telephoto, and fisheye), tripods, and specialist lighting equipment. Once you have at least the basics, you’ll need something to cart all of your belongings around in. Invest in a good quality bag or case to keep your camera and accessories safe. Foam inserts are a great way to add padding to a solid case. For custom foam inserts you’re best contacting Parotec who make bespoke padding to keep equipment safe.

  1. Take Some Photography Classes

While you may have a passion for photography and a natural flair for creativity behind the camera, it is a good idea to hone your expertise with some professional classes. Technical classes like these are best off attending in person so leave the zoom training alone and sign up for some in-person sessions. Pick a class that interests you such as architecture or photojournalism.

  1. become a photographer

    Practise Makes Perfect!

Once you’ve picked up some amazing new photography skills you will need to practise, practise, practise! Choose a niche or something specific you would like to focus on, such as fashion, nature, or weddings, and concentrate on getting a great variety of shots in your chosen area. Ask your friends and family to pose for shots if you’re a fan of photographing people, or carry out some test shoots of wildlife to build a well-rounded portfolio.  The more beautifully curated shots you have, the more you’ll stand out from the crowd.

  1. Purchase Editing Tools

Once you’ve taken your photos, you’ll need to edit them. To do so you’ll need a high-quality computer or laptop and some large screens. You can work with one screen but you will find it much easier to work from two or more. If you’re great at snapping perfect moments but need to brush up on your technology skills to edit your pics then why not sign up for an online editing course? There are plenty that are relatively cheap and can give you the knowledge you need to level up your abilities.

  1. Set Up Social Media Pages

Social media is an incredible free advertising tool. Set up an Instagram account to showcase your work and use TikTok to film behind-the-scenes footage of you getting your perfect shot. The larger your following, the better recognition you’ll get and the greater success you’ll have. Do not underestimate the power of these free tools and use them to grow your brand and popularity. You can even use them to sell some of your work!

Do you want to become a photographer? Let us know why in the comments!