Deciding to sell your property can be an exciting time because it likely means you’re moving to a new dream home. But before you put your house up for sale you should make some improvements outside that can help to make your property even more attractive to buyers.

Why the outside of the house is just as important as the inside to buyers

You might think that the interior of your home and rooms like the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms are all that matters when trying to sell your house. But the exterior can be just as important in determining how quickly you’re able to find a buyer for your home.

That’s because the outside of a house or flat is the first image that visitors will see. If people come to your property on viewings to decide whether or not they want to make an offer on your home, they’ll take a careful look at the exterior. Any problems, large or small, will work against you. Even minor details can turn them off from wanting to buy your home.

Some negative issues outdoors that can hinder your ability to find a buyer include chipped paint on window frames or you front door; an overgrown and untidy garden; broken roof tiles; and much more. This list is not exhaustive and there are many other problems that might exist.

A nice-looking garden in particular could be the deciding factor that makes someone want to buy your home. During the coronavirus pandemic many people have shifted to working entirely from home, and as such having more indoor and outdoor space is seen as a priority. That means if somebody is looking to buy a new property they will more likely want to ensure that it has a garden where they can safely relax or exercise without any fear of exposure to the virus in public settings.

As a result, many property professionals – including the fast home buying company recommend that homeowners looking to sell ensure that their garden looks well-kept, as this will make a great first impression when prospective buyers come to visit to decide whether or not they want to make an offer on your home.

outdoor improvements before sellingSimple steps you can take to make outdoor improvements before selling

Thankfully, making the outdoors of your home look enticing to potential buyers won’t typically require too many time, effort, or money before you can put the property up for sale.

Here are some simple steps that you can take to improve the exterior of your home, although they won’t be universally applicable. For example, if you live in a flat without a garden then your ability to make improvements to any outside areas might be more restricted.

Tidy your garden

As mentioned above, if your home has a garden then you should spend some time rooting out any weeds, mowing the lawn, and making it presentable for buyers. This kind of work shouldn’t typically cost any or much money if you already own the necessary gardening tools. If you need to spend a small amount of cash on a lawnmower and other items to get your garden looking presentable, the investment will be worth it because a tidy garden will look more valuable to any prospective buyers that come to visit.

Repair broken roof tiles

Perhaps you have lived in your house a long time and you have a tiled roof that, over the years, has suffered a little bit of a damage due to the weather. If that’s the case and you have a handful or more of broken tiles on your roof, you should pay to get them replaced with new tiles. Visitors will be able to see immediately that the roof has broken tiles on it and it might make them question the overall value and integrity of your home.

Give window frames a fresh coat of paint

Another simple and low-cost way to improve the outdoors of your home is to give your window frames a new coat of paint. Buyers don’t like to see chipped paint anywhere inside or outside a home, as it might make them worry about the how well you have maintained the rest of the property. Paying for a relatively cheap tin of paint and tending to any chipped frames outside is a quick and easy fix to that problem.

Consider a new front door

The front door of any home is perhaps the most prominent first image that someone will see when they come to visit your home on a viewing. Regardless of the type of front door that you have, if it has any flaws — including chipped paint, broken glass, or any other unsightly blemishes — it will give a visitor a negative view of your home. You want to keep buyers happy and excited about your property at all times, so consider investing in a pristine new front door that will help to make your home appear worth more.

repair fencingMend any broken walls or fencing

Another potential eyesore that will make buyers less encouraged to consider putting in an offer on your house is the presence of any broken walls or fencing outside. This problem can make it appear to a visitor that you don’t maintain your property well, which will give a potential buyer a negative view of your home before they even enter it. Use some money on repairing any broken walls or fencing outside your house before you attempt to find a buyer for it. Although you’ll have to spend cash upfront for this work, it is worth it because a repaired wall or fence will not detract from your home’s value.

Doing some work outdoors before selling might help with finding a buyer

As you’ll see from the above advice, putting in some time and effort – and possibly a little bit of cash in certain circumstances – to improve the outside of your house or flat before selling it can not only enhance its appearance and value but perhaps help you find a buyer faster.