Where to go on holidays with the kids, often depends on their age. For the purpose of this article, we’ll consider a family having kids between the age of five and fifteen, so that it needs to entertain everyone. And so, we will be looking at two different destinations: A camping site in Normandy and Disneyland, near Paris.

Take the Kids for Camping in Brittany

If there is one thing that kids need, at all ages, it is to be occupied all the time. How do you that when you have a young one and an adolescent? You find camping in Brittany with Canvas Holidays, where they can all do as they please, under some supervision, while letting you enjoy your time as well, every once in a while.

Camping sites tend to have an amazing pool complex. That is an activity that almost all kids love to do. Depending on their age, they can spend time in various pool areas. They can also use the slides, the tubes, play water-polo or water volley-ball. The younger ones will be happy just to throw water, and the adolescent will most probably get to meet others of their age group. If they are lucky, they may even find their first summer romance with someone from France. That would be an unforgettable souvenir. Why Brittany? It is close to the UK, so you don’t have to travel too long.

Castle of Sleeping Beauty at Disneyland Paris
Castle of Sleeping Beauty at Disneyland Paris

Head to Disneyland

There is simply no way that you won’t please all the kids in the house, when you announce that the family is going to Disneyland, for your next vacations. Even the older kids (i.e.: the parents) will be thrilled at the idea of a few days in the magical world of Disney. This is a trip that should be well prepared, though.

First, you don’t want to head there during the warmest months of summer. Otherwise, this could become a catastrophe. Walking around a theme park, under 30-degrees weather, is enough to make anyone feel like they are suffocating, trying to breathe in the middle of so many people. Waiting in line (which is never fun) will make everyone tired rapidly, especially the youngest ones. You can expect nervous crisis from them, due to the heat and the amount of time spent waiting. Choose fall, winter or spring – basically any time but the summer months.

The second thing you need to prepare, is the accommodations and the activities. A few days in Disneyland can be very costly. Therefore, you need to go online and look at all the costs you may incur. The tickets to enter, the accommodations on site (if that is what you decide to do) and the cost of food and souvenirs, while you will be on the park ground. If you don’t plan this correctly, you may find your entertainment trip to feel heavy on your shoulders.

Finally, since you are heading to Paris, you should take at least a day to visit the city, with the kids. It is one of the most beautiful European capitals, and there is lots to do for everyone, from shopping to riding on a merry-go-round.