In the past, decision-making for businesses would have often involved more trial, error, and guesswork compared to today, particularly when it came to business improvements or marketing and sales decisions. Back then the world was not as connected as it is today, which often led to running businesses with a limited number of things that could be done to spread the word about the brand and encourage customer conversions.

Before it became much easier for businesses to collect and interpret data, more traditional methods of marketing were often used such as cold calling, handing out business cards and flyers, and placing advertisements in local papers. However, the issue with these marketing methods is that while they were effective and can still be effective today, they are hard to track and analyse unlike more modern digital and online marketing strategies.

Today, data has become one of the most valuable assets that any business can own, providing companies with insights into improvements that can be made to get better results from the marketing strategies a business uses. Some of the main reasons to consider getting into a career in data if you are interested in working in data-driven marketing include:

High Demand Around the World

Careers in big data are in huge demand around the world right now, especially when it comes to business marketing. A big data course will not only provide you with the knowledge and skills that you need to apply data science and analysis to marketing departments but also in many other industries and sectors.

Graduates with a big data masters like the MSc big data or MSc big data analytics from Stirling University can expect to find work in this industry easily as there is a huge gap between supply and demand, with more available job roles on offer compared to the number of people applying for them. Check out the big data masters courses available from Stirling University if you are interested in getting into a career with high demand. They offer work placements, flexible learning opportunities, and professional accreditation.
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Growth in Technology

Although data has always been a large part of many industries in lots of ways, technology is the driving reason behind why companies and organisations today are able to generate so much of it. These days, we have access to technologies that would have been completely unheard of just a few decades ago, such as smartphones and IoT devices, which are giving companies the opportunity to collect huge amounts of information that they would have not been able to have the chance to get access to previously.

This has made it easier for businesses of all sizes and in all industries to get clearer insights into customer preferences and needs, which markets and demographics to target, and product and service performance, which has become crucial to a business’s success in the modern world. Since there are now devices available that are only getting smarter and able to collect more and more information, this is driving the growing demand for data science and analytics professionals.

Excellent Career Outlook and Career Freedom

Another great advantage of choosing to get an education in data science or data analytics is the career freedom and excellent career outlook that it can lead to. When you get this degree, you will be able to take your career in many different directions. Data is now being collected by companies in all industries and of all sizes, giving data professionals the unique opportunity to work in lots of different areas and find work for causes or companies that matter the most to them.

When you are qualified as a data analyst or a data scientist, this can give you the chance to work for almost any business, allowing for more career freedom since there is no one single industry that you will need to stay in. Data science and analytics can give you the chance to work in a varied range of industry types including public safety, healthcare, marketing, online shopping, politics, and more.

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Enjoy Interesting Work

Data science and analytics might not sound like the most interesting type of work for some people. However, it isn’t just about sitting at a screen and making sense of numbers. Although sifting through and making sense of large datasets is always going to be a main part of this type of work, it can also be very interesting. Roles in big data give you the chance to be the first person to discover new insights from the data that you are working with.

You will also have the chance to come up with solutions to problems that people may not have even realised that they had, making this a great career opportunity for people who are interested in working in a role where they can play an instrumental part in developing future innovations, technologies, solutions, strategies, and more that eventually become popular and commonplace in their industry or even around the world.

IT Field Growth

Finally, it’s worth bearing in mind that the IT sector has quickly become one of the most lucrative and high-demand industries to work in today. If you are interested in getting into a career in IT but are not drawn to computer science or similar, then a role in data analytics or data science may be an excellent alternative to consider.

Big data offers a different pathway option to consider for people who want to work in the booming IT industry. Today, IT roles are highly respected and offer a lot of potential for both earning and career progression and development. Data scientists and analysts will often utilize similar tools to other IT professionals, getting you into this industry at a prime time even if you’re not interested in computer science or programming.

If you want an interesting career in a fairly new and upcoming field that’s enjoying great demand, big data might be right for you. A career in data science or data analytics allows you to work with various businesses to help them make better decisions that drive success.