Although, upon first glance, the phrase modern vintage style sounds like a complete contradiction of terms, not only does modern vintage interior design make for a fabulously striking and altogether aesthetically impressive finish, but it’s also very affordable for new kitchen ideas and inspiration.

With this in mind, here’s your guide for creating a modern vintage kitchen oasis in your own home by blending contemporary ideals with retro styling.

Statement Lighting Fixtures

Nobody should underestimate the sheer power of new lighting fixtures and fittings for any kitchen renovation and when you’re focused on a vintage aesthetic with modern stylish touches, this is definitely the first place you should start.

Retro-inspired oversized fixtures over the kitchen table or breakfast bar will create a focal point as soon as you enter the kitchen and if you ensure you buy one with a fitted dimmer switch, you can create a bright and airy space in the day and a more intimate and romantic one at night.

metro tiles in modern vintage kitchen
Pastel colours on your kitchen cabinets can give a modern contemporary kitchen shaker vibes

Retro Paint Palettes

Obviously, the word ‘vintage’ can span across decades and even centuries and is therefore, up to your individual interpretation when designing and decorating the space.

However, as a general rule, to combine the practicality of modern appliances with a finished vintage design framework, it’s necessary to stick to a retro paint palette, which essentially means focusing on pastel colours over bolder ones.

Not only should your appliances be pastel-coloured, but you could also incorporate this colour theme into the smaller details, such as the trim on the cabinets, the handle and door knobs, and even the tea towels and other accessories, too.

Metro Tiles

Dating back to the early twentieth century, the iconic and statement metro tile isn’t only one of the most common tiles used to create a modern vintage aesthetic in residential properties, but it’s also the choice for underground transport such as the Tube and the New York City Subway.

Metro tiles can be used in virtually any room, from a statement fireplace to a luxurious shower unit and whether you choose bevelled or flat tiles, glossy or matte finishes, and neutrals or bold colours, metro tiles are the ideal background for your new design aesthetic.

retro colour palette on modern vintage kitchen
Metro tile backsplash are a staple in the modern vintage kitchen style

Keep the Worktops Clutter-Free

Obviously and even more so if you share your home with your family and young children, it would be somewhat unrealistic to expect that your kitchen will always look like one in a showroom.

However, to cultivate a feeling of calm and relaxation and moreover, to maximise your enjoyment when cooking and eating in your kitchen, keeping the worktops as clear as possible and appliances hidden or at least pushed back against the wall will make a difference.

The best way to keep your kitchen worktops clutter free is to have a pantry or use wall-mounted storage like hooks, floating shelves or racks for frequently used items such as pots, pans, and utensils.

The Little Details

Finally, and possibly the most fun component of a vintage yet practical kitchen design, it’s time to take to the charity shops and second-hand shops to look for unique, vintage, or indeed, retro-inspired pieces to complete the look.

From milk jugs hanging behind the microwave, to tea cosies over the latest model of kettle, the small details are just as important in creating a modern vintage kitchen oasis as the big ones.