Bringing a new baby into your family means a lot of changes for you and everyone you live with. Among the most significant change is that you’ll need somewhere for your new baby to sleep and to store all their toys, clothes and equipment.

If you have the space, then a dedicated nursery can be the perfect way to enhance your home and create a room dedicated to your baby, so you can give them the care and love they need.

A home vintage inspired nursery can be a comfortable and relaxing space for you as a new parent as well as being ideal for your little one, who will have the space to grow.

Dedicated home nurseries have become fashionable over recent years as celebrities have taken to social media to share their unique designs.

These beautiful spaces have inspired many parents-to-be to create their own home nurseries, which can be repurposed as the child’s first bedroom when they get older.

While they’re still a baby, however, the design and style of the nursery are entirely up to you as the parents.

One style that’s increasing in popularity is vintage nurseries from bygone eras. From Victorian-style sparse nurseries to more recent retro themes from the 80s and 90s, there are many options to choose from.

Vintage nurseries are a key trend in the nursery design market for 2023, so you could create a fashionable space that you can feel comfortable in if you use the vintage nursery ideas in this article.

60s vintage style nursery
Designing A Vintage Nursery can be a 70’s style

Pick A Time Period

The first step is to think of what time period you want to focus on. The term ‘vintage’ encompasses everything from Tudor, Victorian and Edwardian historical periods to the 60s and even the 80s or 90s: basically, anything in the past. By picking a period, you can create a cohesive look and vintage feel for your nursery.

To narrow down your choice, consider when your home was built, the furnishing style you love and your dream colour scheme to create that vintage design. Knowing how to select the perfect combination of colours, shapes, fabrics, textures and lighting fixtures helps ensure that the finished product has a cohesive aesthetic for that quality time at home.

Explore All The Vintage Furniture Options

Once you know the period you want to focus on, you can start to explore the vintage furnishings and accessories from that time. When choosing antiques and furnishings for your traditional nursery, you should check out online antique specialists like Antiques Boutique to see a selection of items from your chosen time and find the comfortable, cute furnishings you want for your baby’s nursery.

Incorporating antiques and collectibles into the existing design scheme can bring a sense of nostalgia into the room in an elegant way. For example, adding an antique rocking chair or dolls house would evoke memories from childhoods long past; whereas items such as old books and toys could take you back to days spent playing with siblings or friends.

designing a Vintage Nursery needs antiques

Add Literary-Themed Artwork

When we think of our childhoods, many of us remember our favourite books or cartoons and the stunning illustrations that went with them. From Beatrix Potter to Jacqueline Wilson and many others, a variety of authors are famed not only for the stories and worlds they craft but also for the images that go alongside them.

So, to bring some nostalgia to your nursery, consider adding some prints of your favourite images from your beloved childhood authors.

Choose A Traditional Patterned Wallpaper

Patterned vintage wallpaper for your nursery can make the space feel welcoming and set it apart from other bedrooms in your home. Whether it’s a traditional William Morris option or a cute vintage child’s wallpaper covered in rocking horses and teddy bears, there are many nursery wallpaper options on the market to suit your style and space.

You’ll then be able to create a soothing, relaxing space for you and your precious little one that suits your tastes and style.

Safety Considerations For Your Vintage Nursery

Safety is paramount when it comes to designing any nursery, vintage or otherwise. Caregivers must ensure minimal risk with furniture not easily tipped over by an active toddler. Choosing pieces made from sturdy materials and fastened securely with screws will help protect against accidental tipping accidents. Also, look for products that have been tested for lead paint levels and flame retardant chemicals in line with modern standards.

Add to your peace of mind by paying attention to smaller details like securing dresser drawers so they cannot fall out, installing outlet covers on electrical outlets, and checking the condition of window coverings regularly to avoid strangulation risks associated with corded blinds or drapery.

Designing a vintage nursery for your next baby is an exciting task. As you bring together the elements that will make up this special space, it’s important to remember safety considerations while still achieving the desired look and feel. Once all of these components have been addressed, putting it all together to finish your vintage nursery can be done in no time.