When buying or renting a home, space is at a premium. The more square feet you have, the more it will set you back in your costs. As a result, more people than ever are making do with a smaller sleeping area to live in, incorporating smart ways and inventive small bedroom storage ideas to maximise the room.

The idea is to maximise space to create a larger area whether it is a grand, luxurious master suite or small bedroom space you can put together some practical ideas to enhance storage space and increase the area for the type of furniture you want.

While living in a spacious house might feel different, having a small bedroom isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world. Small bedrooms can be cosy, and with the right layout and design, you can utilise all of our practical storage solutions to help create the feeling of having plenty of space. Here are some of our top tips to help you create a more spacious and comfortable bedroom.

A bedroom with more space
Create more space in your bedroom with some very simple ideas

Fitted Wardrobes

Living in a small bedroom can be a nightmare if you have many clothes and limited closet space. Don’t rush to throw away your old clothing though, as you can still get by if you have the right furniture with sliding doors . Fitted wardrobes are designed to fit the exact specifications of your room, helping to create a cleaner and tidier room and use every available inch. Sliding wardrobes help to create a better profile and save additional space, allowing you to make the most of your bedroom.

If your wardrobe is big enough, you can include a dresser unit to save space and compartmentalise your storage. You could also rearrange your clothes and ensure you optimise every inch of the wardrobe to improve things further.

Floating Shelves

Unwanted clutter on the floors is never appealing or functional. However, if you have the bedroom wall space, it’s a good idea to use a floating shelf for the things you want to keep and display. These shelves take up far less space compared to traditional shelving units, allowing you to create a less cluttered room that looks far better.

You can keep anything you like here, including books, trinkets and picture frames that can all shine in the natural light. Mixing up the items to create an aesthetic style is a good idea, as too much of one item can look cluttered or untidy. When you use open shelves, you should save floor space, and your room will look much better overall.

If you can’t put any shelves up, vertical storage is more economical on using the available space.

Utilise the Space Under Your Bed

Under bed storage that creates more space in the bedroom
Under your bed drawer storage can create more space in your bedroom

Depending on your bed type, you could have access to a lot of hidden space. Underneath the bed frame might not be the most accessible way to store things, but it’s an excellent place to keep a lot of clutter and knick knacks that would otherwise take up room especially if you use boxes or trays with wheels. Ottoman beds make it easy for you to stash things out of sight, allowing you to benefit from less clutter with even more storage space.

If you want to organise things effectively, consider using storage containers or even drawers rather than simply pushing everything out of sight. This will allow you to access still the things you need whenever you want. If you don’t have a bed that makes storage simple, you can always purchase a new one; just be sure it fits your bedroom and the overall style and look for features like a storage headboard.

Move Things Elsewhere

When you think about it, a tiny bedroom doesn’t need to have much at all. The bed is the most essential piece of furniture, and most people prefer to have many of their clothes in their room. However, you can create a lot more space if you redefine what needs to be in there. Consider moving dressers and other storage units elsewhere if you have a small room.

For small bedroom ideas you might need to think outside the box, with multifunctional furniture like a sofa bed a good option to free up valuable floor space. Even your bedside table should double as a storage unit.

You may have small spaces in the bedroom available but extra capacity on your upstairs landing for a chest of drawers, shoe rack or storage bench. Be bold, move things around, and go against conventions if it is beneficial. You can often find more room around the house, especially if you spread things out. As long as you use hidden storage space where possible, you’ll avoid creating clutter.