If you want to update your home with luxurious design choices, we’re here to tell you exactly how. Whether it’s investing in some stunning new chairs or completely reorganising your house, there are small and large design choices that you can choose from.

The inclusion of natural light is key to this year’s essential interior design trends as well as choosing high quality materials and furnishings that will add style and beauty to your house. Whether you have a consultation with a designer or source the look yourself through the internet or magazines your choices will go to making the home you live in much more welcoming to you and your visitors.

The essential elements to luxury design are style and taste and no matter what yours are they have to fit into you and your house with grace and charm that will have others commenting on how great it looks.

Mixing traditional with modern, old with new, or bright with dark are going to be key elements to your design and being bold and brave will do everything you can to enhance the beauty of your dream home.

Living in a dream home is high on most people’s wants but how do you create that without breaking the budget whilst retaining all of the key elements to make your house look fantastic?

Invest in High-End Touches

Small touches throughout your home can help to create the biggest impact. Adding luxury dining chairs, bar stools, artwork or coffee tables, for example, are all small additions to your home that draw the eye and help to make a focal point. High-end materials and fabrics can increase your room’s expensive, luxurious feel without needing a full re-décor.

Swapping modern ornaments for vintage accessories with touches of gold, solid wood or marble throughout your home can instantly create a more expensive and stylish looking home that will impress any guest. 

Create a Grand Entrance

Luxury hallway in house
Luxurious design starts as you enter the house

The hallway of your home is often the first room a guest will see when visiting your property. It is a visual introduction to your home. Taking time is essential in creating a stunning space can make your house feel downright luxurious and put together.

Invest in an ornate front door, a showstopper bouquet placed on a console table or a high-quality runner to really make your guests feel welcome and for you to feel entirely at home as you step through the door.

At the front of your home, you can also invest in paved stairs leading from the garden or a beautifully decorated front porch with plants, flowers and hanging baskets to create a fabulous entrance and give your house that all-important kerb appeal.

Choose a Mix of Textures

Vertical wood panelling
Modern panelling can add luxury to your home

Adding accessories in the same material will make your space fall flat. Instead, mix up the textures with a variety of throws, cushions and curtains to create dimension and luxury. It can make a room feel more attractive and welcoming and an enjoyable space to relax or entertain.

Every element of a room is an opportunity to add texture. Flooring, walls, furnishings, objects and art are just some options to consider. Choose from hard and soft furnishings, shiny and matte, smooth and rough etc.

Textured wallpapers are on the top of many interior designers must have trends for this year, Adding colour, vibrancy and depth to your walls will give off a sumptuous and luxurious style to any room.

Modern wood panelling has made a comeback in the interior design world and the use of natural materials will add texture and luxury in equal amount. panelling can also have a great functionality as cables, and pipework can be hidden.

Alternatively, build on the textures that are already there by adding more layers. Textures are all about the little details that make the biggest difference.

Bring The Outside In

Orange lounge with lots of plants
Plants can add a touch of luxury while increasing the ambience of any room

Adding plants and flowers to your home is a great way to uplift any space. Not only do plants look luxurious, but they also provide many benefits for your health and well-being! Plants absorb many toxic substances and actually clean the air. This means you get improved air quality, reducing fatigue, stress and anxiety and boosting mood.

House plants are an easy way to add colour to your room and are perfect for statement pieces on dining tables, coffee tables or kitchen islands. Choose a plant pot or vase that aligns with your style for a creative way to update your space.

Ferns, palms and succulents are great for the moisture content of any room and add not just a focal point but great colour to your already vibrant home. Biophilic design is another on trend idea that interior design magazine and websites are raving about this year.

Refresh Your Doors

Contrasting colours from doors to walls
Contrasting colours from doors to walls

One great way to add a touch of luxury to your home is by refreshing your internal and external doors. A lick of paint can go a long way, and creating a statement with black interior doors against neutral hues can make your home look more expensive.

One great way to add a touch of luxury to your home is by refreshing your internal and external doors. A lick of paint can go a long way, and creating a statement with black interior doors against neutral hues can make your home look more expensive. Consider upgrading to high-quality doors from UK Composite Doors to elevate the overall aesthetic and enhance the luxurious feel of your space.

If you don’t want to make a big statement, even a fresh coat of white can make all the difference. Clean, white doors can create a luxurious, fresh feel to your home that can improve your mood and enhance the cosiness of your environment.

Updating the woodwork can make the colour of your walls stand out and by mixing and contrasting those colours your can give your room a new look without having to do a full renovation.

Create More Space

Luxury design mid century sideboard
Luxury design choices come in all styles

To make your home feel more luxurious, make use of open space. Rearrange furniture, decluttering surfaces and investing in some storage solutions can make all the difference for your home. A cluttered room can often feel messy, which is directly linked to a lack of productivity and motivation. Clean, organised and spacious rooms can help you relax and unwind while motivating you to keep it tidy.

Organising does not have to be functional. Using vintage pieces of furniture as storage will do two jobs, clear clutter and look fabulous at the same time. Throw away those veneered flat pack shelving units and go for a statement piece that adds style and form to your rooms.