Christmas can be the perfect season to spend quality time with the children. With the extra time off work and everyone feeling merry, it’s an ideal time to plan some magical activities and experiences to savour for the next 12 months. And with no Elf on the Shelf in sight.

Here, we explore some great fun Christmas activities and events to enjoy with kids and toddlers.

  1. Festive movie night

Christmas is a great time for movies. There are plenty of popular kids films out there that the whole family can enjoy. And you can make a night of it too. Everyone can put on their pyjamas, and you can fetch your lady dressing gown, to prepare for a snug night cuddled up on the sofa with some hot chocolate and eggnog.

  1. Christmas card display

One of the best festive traditions is everyone sending each other Christmas cards. Perhaps your kids and their friends have been exchanging cards. Make the most of this cheerful tradition and the range of colours by setting up a display in the living room.

You could line all the cards up proudly on a string high on the walls. Or alternatively, you can place them on a mantlepiece where they’re centre of attention next to the advent calendars and stockings for pride and place.

family photo at christmas

  1. Take a family Christmas photo

Christmas is a great opportunity for the whole family to take some photos too. One option is to visit a store that’ll take professional photos of your family. This can create some wonderful memories to look back on when everyone’s grown up.

Alternatively, you can go for a more creative approach and take family photos yourself while on a Christmas hike amongst nature. Of course with the technology improvements of mobile phones, it is easy to  take pictures in the comfort of your own home to capture that chrimbo magic.

  1. Make a Christmas tree out of everyday objects

Another fun Christmas activity is to make your own miniature Christmas tree out of everyday objects. All you need to do is to create a spine to fit objects around, and then you can build your little tree with any objects your kids find in the house. From ribbons, to books, to spare colourful paper, a DIY tree can make for a vibrant display feature.

  1. Build a snowman

If you’re blessed with snow around Christmas, you can be sure that your kids will want to rush outside and build a snowman. You can make a towering snowman if you work together as a family too! Just ensure that you carefully pack each segment with enough snow to retain stability.

  1. Make a popcorn garland

Popcorn garlands are common Christmas tree decorations, and they’re a lot of fun to make with the kids. Just ensure you carefully follow instructions and you’ll be able to ditch some of your plastic decorations with this natural alternative. Plus crafts are fun and a good time filer.

christmas fun with kids

  1. Cook up some yummy treats

From Christmas cake, mince pies, cookies and gingerbread, there is a host of ideas for easy cooking and enjoyment for all the family. Kids will love helping mix dough and decorating with sprinkles.

  1. Put on a show or play dress up

Children can have great fun by performing a song and dance routine that tells the story of Christmas or their favourite musical. You could even sing carols by candlelight or entertain friends and family.

  1. Tour the lights in the neighbourhood

Usually every area has a few local houses that go to town, either collecting for charity or simple one-upmanship. But this can be great for taking the children out of the house and getting some fresh air. Christmas lights can be stunning so hopefully you have some near you. It might be worth doing a drive round first to plan an effective route.

  1. Play some board games

There are many family favourite games to play at Christmas which are fun for all ages. They can bond siblings, but can also cause bad sportsmanship so it’s best to supervise.