Packaging is a critical element that determines the success of any business right from its onset. It is an outward preview of the products your business offers, giving that once chance for the first impression. Therefore, getting the packaging right as early as when making the business plan is essential. Especially if you plan on selling luxury goods, as presentation matters.

Packaging for small businesses can be scary as small business owners find it expensive to provide premium design and packaging material. Due to this reason, many have resorted to creative packaging design that is not only budget-friendly but have also become a branding backbone. Here are several creative small business packaging ideas to try.

choosing colours for packaging

1. Bold Colours

Have you ever wondered why companies such as Coca-Cola or McDonalds have survived in the game for so long? Well, you probably guessed it right, bold colours in the logo’s and packaging. These big companies can be identified from a distance across the globe by the colour combinations on their packaging design used as their instantly recognisable trademarks.

A small business can benefit from using eye-catching bold colours as its trademark. If it is a combination of bright colours, it is essential to make a unique combination choice that does not clash. The colour choice should be simple and clear. You can consult a branding company that will assist you in coming up with the best logo and trademark.

2. Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are excellent packaging materials for many reasons. They are inexpensive, sustainable, easy to reuse, solid and durable, and can be used to ship fragile materials. It is also important to note that cardboard boxes are eco-friendly, which is an excellent selling point for some customers.

A small business owner will have three different cardboard box types to choose from. The type is based on the level of protection they offer and the product you sell. These box types are; single-walled, double-walled, and fibre drums.

The single-walled box is recommended for non-fragile goods as it offers low-level protection. However, a double-walled cardboard box is excellent for fragile goods as it provides mid-level protection. At the same time, the fibre drum is recommended for liquid or hazardous products as it offers high-level protection.

And cardboard doesn’t have to be plain brown, it’s simple to use coloured card to enable your innovative packaging ideas. It’s not just a box if you add a beautiful design.

3. Custom Printing Tape

Do you have a small budget for your product packaging? Then, custom-printed tapes are your go-to packaging idea. They are inexpensive, make beautiful packaging, and are easy to make.

Custom printed tapes are sure to impress your customers as they elevate the plain look of your packaging when using standard tape. Whether by printing your logo or making thank you notes, custom-printed tape provides creativity. The custom-printed tape should stand out from the competition and inevitably lead to sales skyrocketing.

Need help finding or requesting a custom-printed tape, your local printing service could be of assistance. Companies such as tape jungle UK, are also excellent choices for custom print tapes.

luxury packaging
You can give packaging a luxurious appearance for high end products

4. Ribbons and Bows

Ribbons and bows are at the peak of packaging goods. They make the client feel like they were not purchasing your product but being gifted. As a small business owner, it is vital to make your customer feel special, and what better way to do it than with ribbons and bows?

The feeling of the time and effort it took to make the packaging special is sure to earn you great reviews and gain recurring customers and referrals, which are the main ways to grow your business as a small business owner

In any case, the customer can reuse the ribbons and bows for their purposes. It makes both your product and helpful packaging. It also makes your business easier to remember, especially if the ribbons and bows are made of your trademark colours.

5. Small and Exquisite Packing Gifts

What could be more attractive than a small gift that comes with your product package? The small and exquisite pin badges would be the best choice for small gifts.

Custom pin badges are made with high quality and low cost. They can also promote your brand and attract customers to return. What’s more, the unique designs of your brand pins can also shape a good corporate image.

Attracting customers to collect pin badges is also a clever marketing technique. A custom pin badge as a wrapping gift idea is sure to set you apart from the competition.

6. Business Cards and Thank You Notes

Cards are one of the most used packaging ideas for small business owners, and there is a reason why. Big companies need more time to write personal notes to their clients, making buying from them a little more formal and transactional.

For small business owners, however, there are better ways to go, as most sales, if not all, come from recurring clients or referrals. You, therefore, need to keep them coming back, and with personal thank-you notes and business cards, you are sure to accomplish that. The business card will act as your advertisement to anyone needing your services.

7. Logo Stickers

Logo stickers have proven to work for both big and small businesses. They are a branding technique that gives your business free publicity by making them recognizable from near or far. Logo stickers will give your product a high-end look, impressing all logo-brand-loving clients.

If you think that this packaging idea is expensive, then think again. Making logo stickers is one of the cheapest packaging ideas to be invented, and the business owner can choose how their stickers will look. It is based on shape, size, and colour that speaks best about your business.

defining business branding
When deciding colour schemes, you will need consistency across all branding

8. Use Colour Gradients

Looking for a packaging idea that sets you apart from the competition? Colour gradients are sure to do just that. Different from what many think, making a colour gradient for your branding and packaging is not rocket science.

You do not need to be a graphic designer to know what will catch your client’s eye and what won’t. Play with different colours; with time, you will realize what works best.

Colour gradient packaging will not work for all product types. It typically works best with fashion items such as shoes and clothing and can be used with confectionary products to show cheer.

9. Custom Wraps

Give your clients the joy of unwrapping their product just like a Christmas gift by wrapping it for them. Paper wrap is fun for the client and can also be excellent branding for your business. The paper wrap also comes handy for personal use after your product is delivered.

Final Thoughts

Making sure your small business has the proper packaging is essential. It can also be fun, exciting, and cheap. You will receive happy reviews, recurring customers, and specialist referrals.