Having a neat and tidy house is very hard, especially if you are a family person. Keeping your house well organized can be quite a challenge to many. Many hate this activity; you will find them doing it once a week. Cleaning your house can be simple and interesting only if you have the right tools.

Having tools like stick vacuums can enhance your cleaning experience. Stick vacuums are best suited to daily cleaning. Stick vacuums are different from the traditional ones as they are light, taller, and one can move easily with them without experiencing any fuss from the cords.

If you are a one-time cleaner, doing the activity on the weekend only to find the house messy on a Monday, below are tips that will help you keep the house clean.

Make Your Bed

A bed is one of the visible surfaces in the bedroom; therefore, every time you wake up from it, develop a habit of making it neat. A poorly made bed will create a bad impression in the entire bedroom. Make your bed neat by tucking in the bed sheets, don’t let them hang around; if you don’t like the idea, then you can opt for a duvet that has a removable cover.

Clean Up Immediately After Cooking

After cooking, always ensure that the countertops are left sparkling clean. A dirty countertop will bring in cases of household pests which is an awful impression on your kitchen.

Imagine you have a guest who gets to see the pests in your kitchen; it is an embarrassment you will never escape from. Avoid the embarrassment by cleaning and spraying the countertops.

Doormats for the house

Use Doormats

Doormats are critical in keeping the house clean and protecting your carpet; you need to have them at the main entrances. Doormats will trap some of the dirt carried on the feet and shoes, reducing the amount of dirt entering the house. It would help if you kept them clean; therefore, you can use a vacuum cleaner or shake them outside every 2-3 days.

Go With Your Mess

We all love movie nights, and we do it while enjoying some snacks and drinks. It is a weakness in many to leave the place messy, saying they will deal with it the following day. It is a habit that needs to be ended.

Once you are through the movie, take everything you have used to the right place. Avoid putting dirty utensils in the sink; always put them in the dishwasher.

Minimize the Load of Laundry Daily

Washing your clothes frequently will minimize the load as time passes, unlike putting them there to wait for the weekend. When you wake up, take a small pile, deal with it, and do it frequently. Once they are dried, please don’t throw them on the sofa or bed, have them neatly arranged and taken to their rightful place.


Hygiene is a habit that everyone needs to adapt to; a clean home has healthy and happy owners. Imagine a home that doesn’t adhere to basic cleaning practices? No one can even dare to visit that home; they fear for their health.

If you have a family, teach your children the importance of having a clean home. Keep your home clean and tidy by following the above tips.