When reuniting your multi-generational family for an incredible holiday, selecting the perfect, private vacation house or villa to ensure a memorable experience is essential. From searching for accommodations that will comfortably fit all your beloved relatives under its roof to keeping everyone’s tastes and needs in mind, picking out just the right getaway can be challenging. Avoid any bumps along this journey with these valuable tips to ensure that planning the ultimate retreat goes seamlessly.

Have A Process For Choosing A Destination

Selecting from big houses to rent shouldn’t feel like a chore. Choosing your perfect destination should be enjoyable, whether it’s an special upcoming family reunion or just finding that secluded spot to escape the everyday hustle and bustle.

When planning, designate one person in charge of orchestrating decisions by utilising helpful resources that will locate popular destinations that can provide inspiration and help save time and money. Use online and productivity tools for collaboration so everyone has their voice heard.

Ideally, the rental house should provide enough bedrooms, amenities and have convenient access to nearby attractions, as well as restaurants and parks. Beachfront property may be ideal for those seeking ocean views and swimming opportunities.

Alternatively, a city centre rental house might provide flexibility and easy access to public transportation and nightlife activities. For those seeking a more rural experience in beautiful countryside with outstanding natural beauty, consider rental houses situated near hiking trails or scenic drives.

Additionally, look for rental houses situated in quiet neighbourhoods with nearby parks and local restaurants. No matter the preference, there is something to suit everyone’s needs when it comes to renting a family vacation house.

It is also crucial to outline expectations beforehand, including deadlines ensuring you find yourself on vacation quickly without sacrificing fun-filled activities along the way.

Don’t Forget About The Children

Kids and family holidays often go hand in hand, but getting everyone to agree on a plan can be tricky. To save your sanity and ensure the entire family has an enjoyable time, consider having two activities: one tailored toward younger children with petting zoos, or other age-appropriate attractions and another day with more thrilling adventures for older participants. Most importantly, give kids a say when deciding what you do during vacation, as they may surprise you with their preferences and ideas.

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The idea of family holidays is to have fun and unwind

Choose A Rental House With A Kitchen That Can Accommodate Everyone

A bustling family kitchen is the heart of a home. But when the space needs to be bigger to fit everyone comfortably, mealtime can become a stressful chore instead of a joyous get-together. Consider how important it is for your kitchen to accommodate guests and multiple chefs before processing your vacation house payment. Make sure you select a large house, family friendly holiday cottages or villa whose kitchen brings people close rather than pushes them apart to enjoy communal mealtimes.

Select A Space That Perfectly Fits Your Family Dynamics

When searching for family holiday cottages, taking the time to consider your family’s needs and dynamics is vital. Finding one everyone can agree on should ensure no unpleasant surprises after arriving. Know who’s spending their precious bath schedule with whom, whose Netflix habit will put other activities on hold, or if different bedrooms need arranging. Having this information ready beforehand helps ensure all have an enjoyable stay away from home.

When selecting a rental house for your next family holiday, there are many amenities and features you should consider. Hot tubs, boat docks, pet friendliness, outdoor swimming pool, a sandy beach, games room, play areas and even a tennis court.

Fireplaces provide cosy ambiance in the evenings. Cable TV and WiFi access cater to those who need to stay connected. Air conditioning ensures comfort even during hot summer months. Balconies offer spectacular views of the surroundings and provide a quiet spot to relax.

When renting a property, it is important to make sure all amenities meet your family’s needs and are in working order prior to your arrival. Ask questions regarding the age of appliances, hot tub, swimming pool and other features when booking the property to ensure your vacation will be enjoyable and comfortable. All of these features can enhance vacation experiences for everyone involved.


To ensure everyone in the family enjoys a stress-free trip, it’s important to agree on some parameters such as curfews, lights-out times and spending money. The idea of the family holiday is to have fun, unwind and enjoy quality time together whether it is in a cottage, beach house villa or city apartment.