Japandi bathroom ideas are a recent trend that are characterized by a minimalist, clean look with the use of neutral and contrasting colours. It combines the elements of Japanese functionality with Scandinavian designs. Since a black accent can be a major part of creating such a design, a black shower enclosure can help you create a style statement. 

Are you, too, looking to create a Japandi interior design bathroom? Our blog will give you various ideas to achieve that bathroom look with a black shower enclosure.

So, What’s the Japandi Bathroom?

The current bathroom trend for Japandi influenced interiors will continue to dominate in the coming years. However, such designs were first introduced in 1868 when designers from Scandinavia visited Japan and took inspiration from their interiors. They combined both Japanese and Scandi style creating what is today known as Japandi.

It can be a major theme for interior design in the entire home, including the bathroom interiors. So, in a Japandi bathroom, you are creating a fusing of both styles predominated by minimalism. That results in better functionality and aesthetics, mixing the Japandi colour palette with Swedish minimalism.

Keeping in mind the main ideas of such fusion, creating such a style should be simple and easy and utilize storage space.

It is easy to create a Japandi style bathroom
It is easy to create a Japandi style bathroom with natural light

How to Create a Japandi Bathroom Interior with Black Shower Enclosure

Whether you are creating a Japandi-style interior for a bathroom or any other space in your home, it will have simplicity, functionality, and the use of natural elements as a major design theme. 

Minimalist Style: Japandi design inspires a less-is-more approach, and the bathroom is no exception. Clean lines and simple shapes create a calm, uncluttered space. Therefore, you will need to choose bathroom fittings and fixtures that are designed with space-saving in mind, with colours to bring in as a focal point.

An example of it can be a wall-hung toilet with a rimless and short projection bowl. You can check minimalist range toilets, vanity units and baths at Royal Bathrooms UK. In other cases, a back-to-wall toilet can also be a great addition. At the same time, a modern space-saving close-coupled toilet is also a suitable fit.

Other than that, a quadrant black shower enclosure or a black walk-in shower can also be helpful in creating a minimalist design. For storage, you can prefer a wall-hung vanity unit with a sink on top that will create a clean, minimalist design. 

Fuse Black Elements. The black in the Japandi style can create an attractive contrast with neutral tones and colours. Therefore, consider using some darker accent like a black shower enclosure, a vanity unit with a black handle, and black taps etc. If you have a bath, a shower screen with a black frame can also be a good idea. 

Japandi Bathroom Featured 1

Use Natural Materials: Both Japanese and Scandinavian designs value natural materials, and Japandi bathrooms often feature wood, stone, and other natural elements. Other than that, you can use bathroom plants to bring a natural touch to your space. It can be either at a few spots or many at some places.

Use Neutral colours: Japandi design favours a muted colour palette, with shades of grey, white, black, and beige being popular choices. You can use the same colour on the three walls while having one side wall contrasting to others. Alternatively, the same coordinated look with any neutral colour can also be suitable.

While most bathroom fixtures come in white that matches Japandi design requirements, you may choose other colours like grey and gloss white in vanity units to create an attractive contrast. Or even a black shower enclosure can be easily matched with a black vanity unit.

Organic shapes: Japandi design often incorporates organic shapes, such as smooth pebbles or round wooden stools, to add a touch of nature to the space. You will need to make sure that whatever you choose, the colour is natural without much use of paint etc. 

Improve The Functionality: Japandi design emphasizes functionality and purpose, so storage solutions are often integrated seamlessly into the design. Any type of vanity with a slimline design can be suitable for such a bathroom. You may also use a combination vanity unit that will improve inspiration and functionality without taking up much space in the bathroom. You can match it with a black shower enclosure by choosing the right matching or contrasting colour. 

Contrast: While Japandi’s design favours a neutral colour palette, it also incorporates contrasting textures and materials to add visual interest to the space. Using a black shower enclosure can bring an attractive contrast to the interior, helping you make the most out of the available space while achieving the required bathroom looks. 

Japandi style is dark and luxurious
Japandi style is dark and luxurious

Final Thoughts

Japandi style is the major inspiration behind the current bathroom interior design trends. Creating such an interior is relatively easy, proving the right use of key elements. You can follow all or a few of our ideas to create a dream bathroom inspired by the on-trend Japandi style.