While the holiday season may require some planning to see your loved ones at home for Christmas, it is a well-deserved reason to break free. After months of isolation, social distancing and economic anxiety, it is understandable for people to long for some celebration to relieve the stress and sink in happiness. It isn’t just about the gifts; it is also about the scrumptious food, drinks and the feeling of togetherness. 

If you’re visiting home this year after a long period of forced quarantine, you want to see some happy faces. Christmas shopping for the family can be tricky because each member has different likes and dislikes. So here are some gift ideas to keep everyone gleaming with joy if you are struggling for inspiration.

  1. gifts for all the family For the ladies in your family

Jewellery is a timeless gift, and it is generally not self-acquired. This makes jewellery gifting perfect for the ladies in your family. It doesn’t necessarily have to be made of diamonds or rubies. Some shops sell beautiful, oxidized, semi-precious and silver jewellery. Visit a shop that also allows you to customize or personalise the jewellery with laser engraving for that special touch. 

There must be some ladies in your family who are fond of their kitchens and enjoy cooking. Nothing is more precious to them than well-crafted cookware set with pots and pans but also spatula and ladles. Another idea is a Meater Plus thermometer, as long as it’s not taken that you are suggesting the turkey is always dry. With such a gift, you might earn yourself a delicious meal too.

You can gift The Body Shop or MAC makeup kit to some of the ladies in your house who are beauty lovers or pursuing makeup artists.

Use your knowledge of the person to your advantage and gift them what they’ll definitely like. 

  1. For the men in your family

Does anyone from your family have a home bar in the garden or man cave? If there is, then they’ll surely understand the pain of wiping off water spots on a wooden table. Gifting a bar mat to the home drinkers in the family could be a great idea. Or you could buy some paraphernalia like a cool poster dripping in 90’s nostalgia or if you want to splash out some retro arcades.

Another idea is a watch. A pocket watch can be timeless for those that wear a waistcoat for work and don’t like to wear one on their wrist. When they pull it out from their chest pocket to check the time in a board meeting, it’ll be looked at with an appreciative gaze of their style. 

Most members of Generation Z are avid gamers. You can gift them some video game accessories like a wireless game console, gaming headsets or an additional controller. This will better their gaming experience. Most games require real money so gift cards could be an easy crowd-pleaser.

  1. christmas gamer gifts For the children

We’re spending more time indoors than ever before. You don’t want the children to feel caged in their houses. So you can give them some engaging games to develop their skills and get involved. Select games that help with hand-eye coordination, knowledge and vocabulary expansion in children. For slightly older children, you can get games that involve strategy and inventive thinking.

Another idea if you have your own projector is to take it with you for a massive festive family movie night. Get those fab Christmas movies on to get in the festive spirit.

  1. For the Grandparents

Everyone loves chocolates, young and old. So you can start the gifting session with some Christmas gifts full of chocolate baskets and bouquets. The happiness all round will know no bounds! We have complied a more comprehensive list of gift ideas for granny here.


If you’ve been away from home for a long time, you want to make your visit worthwhile. What better way to bring a smile on everyone’s faces other than some impressive Christmas gifts?